Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Hands-on Preview, Movies, Screenshots

TeamXbox posted a 2-page hands-on preview of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom on September 29. Circle of Doom is a real-time action RPG targeted at the Japanese market. This preview covers the game's combat interface and mechanics.

TeamXbox also posted 2 gameplay footage videos and 6 screenshots on September 28, which are included here. The 2 videos are titled "Doing a Little Weeding" and "Outnumbered by Enemies"; the links to their HD videos are listed under Alternative Sources.

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ghost3054040d ago

Microsoft still doesn't understand the Japanese market, that's why they'll never gain ground there. Japanese gamers are nerds in every sense of the word. Plus this game is not the classic RPG style that japanese love so much. Japanese gamers like visual novels, simplistic hack-n-slash. What we find silly is awesome to japanese gamers.

But this game seems to be more aimed at western gamers who like action-RPG. Also this game's characters seem western. Japanese gamers won't support western made games over homemade games.

WHY DOESN'T MICROSOFT GET A JAPANESE GAME COMPANY TO MAKE JAPANESE GAMERS? they are the ones who understand the market the most right?? they should stop trying to make games aimed at japanese market with the intent of releasing it in western market also. They'll never succeed like that. Jpanese gamers have weird taste, trust me!!!

ParaDise_LosT4039d ago

Yeah....we Don't Want a mexican game developers like
Hironobu Sakaguchi(MistWalker) and Tomonobu Itagaki(Tecmo) to release games for the Japanese Market do we

/Sarcasm off

Well...anyway.......This game Looks Amazing!
(Not Project OFFSET amazing but Close)
Looks like another AAA title :D
I hope they pull it off :)

power of Green 4039d ago

This game looks so much better than I imagined looks way more solid and fun than I thought all the charactors animations were great and the AI isn't hive mind based.

Sez 4039d ago

this game is turning out to be a great. i can't wait to play this game.