Game Developers Hate Us…Here Is The Proof


"Why is there still hate and racism in the world? We live in 2011. We have cures for almost any disease. We have mastered flight and have sent people to the stars. Heck, we even can find a needle in a haystack. Clone sheep. Transplant organs. Yet with all of the things we CAN do, there is still hatred and racism in the world. When will the day come when everyone will be treated right and won’t be hated on because they are different? Will that ever happen, or am I just wishful thinking?"

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2fk2840d ago

the world isn't perfect and never will be...sadly we just have to live with it

donnaluke20032840d ago

I know. Crazy right? What's more amazing is that developers continue to put invert into the games, as that feature is used by a small percent of gamers.

2fk2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

true and it's weird that 2 of best friends use invert and another friend of mines does also.

donnaluke20032840d ago

Most inverted users are over the age of 25. Weird, but true. The youngsters just typically don't use it.

2fk2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

hmmm interesting im 21 guess im still a youngster

Lich1202839d ago

Oh god, if they pulled out inverted I'd be screwed. Although, more people use inverted than are left handed.

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Lich1202839d ago

Link is left handed. Although, not in twilight princess because they thought it felt awkward for right handers (because of the Wiimote). Hell, they flipped the whole game world half way through to do it... so I guess I just proved my statement wrong. But hey, at least in the good zeldas he was left handed!

bsmith32582840d ago

I for one am tired of this type of behavior. This only weakens us as a people.

Jon_Mclane2840d ago

As a left handed man I cried reading this. It touched me right in my heart. You said what had to be said and I applaud you for that. Hopefully one day all people can be treated equally, no matter which hand they use to wanky wanky

astrobrights2839d ago

Racist because they don't develop games or controllers with left-handed people in mind? That's a stretch. Fortunately I'm ambidextrous and can use either hand for whatever.

Lekumkee2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

lulz, everybody knows leftys like gingers are the dark spawns of Satan. I once knew a lefty ginger and he turned out to be a serial killer. /s

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