The Last Guardian - new super hi-res screenshots

Scrawl: "Sony’s released a new batch of screenshots for The Last Guardian, out this holiday season, making this the first new image release since the Tokyo Game Show last September."

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Raendom2790d ago

This game gives me goosebumps, it's looking absolutely incredible.

Stunt2790d ago

You don't even understand my desire for it.

jack_burt0n2790d ago

No you dont understand MY desire for it, ITS MINE.


DigitalRaptor2790d ago

Hopefully this game will be EVERYBODY'S!!! :)

It's a game many people unfortunately don't have the capacity to appreciate, but it does deserve recognition. Hopefully the Ico/SotC Collection moves a few heads, and gets more people interested in Team Ico's works.

TBM2790d ago

Team Ico i love your games, and this one will be different. one of my most wanted games.

bebojet2790d ago

I don't want to see anymore screenshots. I want an official release date!!!

JAMurida2790d ago

I wonder... Are they still considering doing the option to choose the gender of the main character? I know Malicious did it and they were talking about it in TLG.

Sizzon2790d ago

Look's effing amazing! can't wait, but I must buy the Ico HD collection first and play Ico/SotC, can't miss out on those masterpieces.

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