Battlefield 3 The New Graphical Powerhouse

The notion that the Xbox 360 has been tapped out does raise an eyebrow when seeing this latest Battlefield 3 footage. Will the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 actually look this good? Only time will tell. If so, there could be a rather sizable tarnish on the argument concerning the graphical superiority of PS3 exclusives.

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BlmThug2839d ago

I Believe The Xbox 360 Can Put Out Graphics Like This

BK-2012839d ago

Console versions will have no AA and low-quality textures. The lighting will most likely be the only thing unchanged.

reynod2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Console versions will also be running at a measily 28fps just like BC2, and they will be having a smaller number of people per battle.

Lets not forget its not just about how the game plays. On PC the crowd is more mature. Dice claimed PC gamers tend to work together alot more then any console. I personally wouldnt like to play where everyone is going Rambo(aka consoles), having people support each other is just better overall game play.

"The PC warriors in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam now have access to the "Operation Hastings" map, having completed the required 69 million team actions. Vietnam combatants on Xbox 360 are more than halfway through the unlock challenge, while PS3 players are approaching 30 million actions."

The PC gaming crowd is more mature and actually tends to work together.

awi59512839d ago

you forget 360 Has auto x2aa

Ranshak2839d ago


Everytime i game on my PS3 (i dont own a 360 so i cant speak for it), i notice its fulled with 10-12 yr old kids screaming. No wonder PS3 gamers had the lowest amount of points in that challenge.

Decision is simpler for me now not only is the game superior on PC, playing with people that actually work together is what matters most to me.

Active Reload2839d ago

reynod, what does that have to do with the 360's graphics?

Inside_out2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

The 360 has always had the better looking and playing games. Now, six years later, the 360 is still leading the way.

The ps3 is not capable of running anything close to this...

...all with 4 player story based co-op, horde mode and dedicated server multi. Those animations and bloody, fleshy game play elements just don't exist over there. It's been that way since the beginning...starting in 2006...ah yes, memories...

What game on the PS3 even comes close to this level of detail from 2006 Look at the beginning how he lines up the locust enemies foot with the awesome torque bow and fires an explosive arrow into it, causing the AI to trip and fall and then detonates the bomb, causing the locust to blow up into little fleshy, bloody bits drippy down the screen...ALL IN REAL action in this one level than most, if not all PS3 games combined....for real.

Numerous examples in this clip and my favorite Gears level to date. Notice the real weighty physics to the explosions, as the heads pop up into the air. The fantastic cover system, crazy, over the top melee. Incredibly detailed enemies and weapons...nothing like this game on PS3, maybe never will be.

Gears Of War 3 will raise the bar higher than anything seen before. Bulletstorm looked great but you could see it was an older, Unreal 3 modified multi-plat engine. Gears 3 will feature the latest tech and will no doubt, be one of the best games EVER....anywhere.

Sure, Crysis 2, Rage, COD and Battlefield 3 will have something to say about it ( 360 lead platform ) but right now, it's Gears, as it has always been, that is leading the way with 360 as the LEAD platform.

DeadIIIRed2839d ago

@reynod, I'm certain if PC gaming was more affordable and stable a lot more people would play on that platform instead. I understand what your saying about team actions though. I'm usually the only one on the 360 that realizes that a smoke grenade can do wonders to get closer to the objective.

paintsville2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

@cez of rage
You're absolutely right. I mean look at crysis2, gears, RDR, Reach, mafia and many many others. This will be a piece of cake for 360. i can't wait for the ps3 fanboys to see the head to heads that come out on this game. I'm going to cut and paste from this thread and make them eat their words when 360 Wins yet again , and again , and again. I can just see it now..."PS3 version suffers from badly torn frames, there's no anti alaising, there's no ambient occlusion, the normal maps are pared back, the lighting on ps3 seems to be inferior, the frame rate really lags behind it's 360 counterpart, and there's a 6 gig "mandatory" install that took 30 minutes to complete." Hey wait...didn't I just describe like 90% of the face offs between ps3 and 360?? Yep. I can't wait.

Statix2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

@paintsville: You mean like the way the textures of Oblivion and Fallout were compressed to s*** on the 360? Or how Dragon Age 2 has far superior AA on the PS3? Or how Vanquish ran worse on the 360? How about the fact that PS3 version of ME2 has superior character textures and lighting? Final Fantasy XIII which ran at 576p on the 360 (and STILL had to be divided up onto 3 discs)? Lest we forget, the developers were so cramped for space on the 360's inferior DVD format, that they had to split up RAGE and Dead Space 2 onto multiple discs also. I can't wait to see how an open-world game like RAGE works over multiple DVDs... it'll be so much fun switching discs every single time you move from one half of the world to the other.

The fact of the matter is, most multiplatform games only suffer on PS3 because the developers ill-advisedly choose to lead-develop on the 360 first, and then port to PS3. When developers really make a legitimately concerted and focused effort to polish up the engine and code on the PS3, they can do great things with the hardware.

At least the PS3's exclusive games are technical achievements and are impressive to look at. Our exclusive games don't run at 960x567p (*cough* Alan Wake *cough*).

Hassassin2838d ago

simply put, a PS3 is more powerfull than a 360 (trying not to sound trolly there... i'll practise more)
The reason 360 games usually look better is because of the simple transition from pc to 360, while for ps3 you need a full reprogram of the game (thought some engines, say CryEngine 2, can port it right away).

Do some research, sony lost money by selling PS3's as their core tech was to expensive, they gain money with a game tax to developers ($10, that's the pc and console price diff).

That said, Pc versions will always rape other version just for the higher res, textures, fps and pretty much all the other details.

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aceitman2839d ago

i know if they can really figure out the ps3 they can do it .

LOGICWINS2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Personally, I don't give a crap about the PC vs. PS3 graphical superiority dick measuring contest.

All I'm gunna say is that the Battlefield 3 gameplay footage from that trailer is graphically...the best I've seen in a game. The physics, the particle effects, EVERYTHING just screams awesome. I think BT3 will set a new standard not only for the shooter or action genres, but will raise the bar for videogames period.

And u know what the scary part is....its STILL in alpha!

TheGameFoxJTV2838d ago

You mean it will do for shooters what BF2 did for modern day shooter? Exactly. lol

BlmThug2839d ago

BFBC3 Will Rape WaW, MW2, BLOps & Future CoD Releases

DaCajun2839d ago

You can tell when a gamer is a console only gamer when he thinks that Bad Company was the first Battlefield game ever, lol.

The_Claw2839d ago

massive fail dude. you do realize bad company 1 is not the first bf game right..

awiseman2839d ago ShowReplies(1)
etowntwo2839d ago

I think Xbox definitely has the means to put up games that look as good as PS3 exclusives ...
only problem is that MS does t have the studios dedicated to make game engines specific for the 360 like Sony has for it's PS3.

Now if every multiplat looked better on the Ps3, (like Xbox compared to PS2) then I wouldn't think so.

WhiteNoise2839d ago

"well ... they are talking about "technical", and it would be hard to debate that "

No it wouldn't. Maybe if you went into the subjective realm of art style you could debate it. But KZ3 uses Deferred rendering and NO HDR. It uses a post processing blur filter as an AA method. It is STILL only 30 frames and 720p and has a 55FOV ( aka non widescreen field of view ).

So what "TECHNICALLY" does KZ3 do that is impressive?

The_Claw2839d ago

ya, if gears 3 is 5 discs

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