GameInformer: Dragon Age II - The First Five Hours

Hawke. It’s a name whispered in dimly lit taverns across the continent of Thedas. Each retelling brings new embellishments. In one, Hawke is a headstrong, power-hungry female mage, decimating whole legions of Darkspawn in a single battle. In another, Hawke is a mysterious male rogue with questionable intentions. Each person seems to have a version of Hawke’s tale.

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Kon2882d ago

I don't like the direction that this game is going.

ChristianGamer2882d ago

First 5 hours huh? If this article were about MurderArea the 3rd* it would be an entire walkthrough lol. I kid i kid
*real name changed to protect poster from massive flaming.

jriquelme_paraguay2882d ago

its funny... first 5 hours... i know games you can finish in 5 hours

Arup022882d ago Show
Christopher2882d ago

Good read.

I think people overact to the streamlining of the action as a way that somehow has removed the tactics from the first game. I just don't see this. So, the big changes I've seen from the first are:

- You must actively move your character
- You don't need to press buttons over and over for attacks
- You know select conversation options from a "circle" instead of a "list"
- Cut scenes are a bit more cinematic rather than focusing on the faces of speakers


- can still pause and assign skills
- can still program party AI
- can still learn new skills
- still need to use tactics
- story/content is still king

DarkSpawnClone2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

yeah i know a few don't like the changes but imo there crazy,the changed are great the game is a lot more lively,the fighting is better and a lot more fun and still need tactics!,i even like the conversation wheel its more to the point and you can be sarcastic!! lol the demo is really good so i can only expect the full game to be 1000 times better :P

InfiniteJustice2882d ago

Wooo for logic. So damn sick of people who never played Origins/ did play Origins (but evidently not properly) that say DA2 is hack and slash... Lol, right.

Tex1172882d ago

I guess a lot of people flipped on that demo, but that demo was meant for one audience they are looking for (the causal shooter type people that they keep talking about). Heck, they even game them a difficulty. Normal. The vets will play on difficult.