Nintendo's Reggie:Halo 3 Not A System Seller

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime has suggested that Halo 3 is not a system seller for Xbox 360 but of course is likely to sell a load of software units in itself. Reggie thinks that Halo 3 is being targeted towards the same demographic as the likes of BioShock and CrackDown which are all just similar multiplayer possible first person shooters questioning 'what's new' when it comes to Halo 3. Reggie then went on to say Nintendo feels no need to counter Halo 3 as they have a broad portfolio of games which are all targeted toward different consumer segments.

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unsunghero284062d ago

"Halo 3 is not a system seller. Wii Sports, on the other hand..."

I kid, I kid.

nasim4062d ago

Only xboxers would buy HALO 3/x360

as a ps3 owner i would never buy a low powered console.

FF13/MGS4 are all ps3 exclusives --thats what matters.

No one would buy an x360 for HALO 3 with bland graphics

original seed4062d ago

I just love reading his funny @aa comments. He makes all you Sony Fanboys look bad. If Final Fantasy and MGS4 is all that matter I wonder what he'll say when they appear on Xbox. By the looks of things recently with Microsoft offering money for them it looks like it might happen.

Apocwhen4061d ago

"as a ps3 owner i would never buy a low powered console"

So does that mean you never owned a ps2 last gen as it was the lowest powered console after gamecube and xbox? I think you need to realise games sell consoles, not power.

IHATEGOD4061d ago

you leave the dumbest comments. MGS4 will not sell that well, just like MGS3, 2, 1. Before any disagrees look at the numbers, only Fanboys by this stupid series.

SnakeCL4061d ago

MGS1: 6.6 Million
MGS2: 7 Million
MGS3: 3.7 Million (not including Subsistence)

Seems like a lot of people buy that series to me...

AngryTypingGuy4061d ago

"as a ps3 owner i would never buy a low powered console." -- Does that mean you chose the more powerful Xbox over PS2 last gen?

Quit eating paint chips and maybe your brain will work better.

grifter0244061d ago

And how long did it take to get those numbers Snake? I bet those werent day one sales....exactly you cant answer and if you look it took a while for it to get that high...pathetic.

SnakeCL4060d ago

Videogames usually sell the most over the first year of their cycle. Just some facts for you to think about. I don't know why you're even quoting day 1 sales. Halo 2 sold incredibly on the first day, but then fizzled and only managed to sell 8 million total. Even this is in debate at the moment. Halo: CE paled in comparison to Halo 2.

MGS2 was launched Nov 14, 2001
Halo: CE was launched Nov 15, 2001

MGS2 sold 7 million units since that date.
Halo: CE has sold 5 million since that date.

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AznSniper4062d ago

Reggie is probably the worst compared to Tretton and Moore when it comes to comments on the competition.

BulletToothtony4062d ago

has been good lately.. and phil harrison does need to be smarter on his comments, he's a little on the defensive side and he sounds arrogant sometimes

Bathyj4061d ago

Yeah but if Jack, Phil or Kaz had said it, it would be an outrage. 200 comments and 1000 degrees for of angry fanboys.

But when Reggie says it, it like, ahh who cares what he says.

redsymphony4062d ago

wii sux point blank.....ps360 all day

perseus4062d ago

PS360? Why would you buy two systems that are pretty much equal? Because they have 3 or 4 games that are particular to each? You'd make your mommy spend that much on you for Christmas just so you could play FFXIII and Halo3?

You're not a very considerate son.

Wii60? Absolutely, there are great games for both. One gives you graphics, and one gives you games that your friends can play together.

WiiS3? For sure. While watching our BR, we can code a new game for cell processors on the Linux partition and play Forever Blue on the Wii. That sounds sweet.

PS360? That's just a silly waste of your mommy and daddy's money.

solidt124061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

dude you sound silly. I have PS3 360 and a Wii and my mommy and Daddy didn't buy it for me, I did. Why? Because I love games and you said that there are only like a 3-4 games difference from the 360 and PS3, dude do you have ether of these consolse?, its more like a 50-100 game difference that is in development or already out. Sony owns several studio's with games exclusively for the PS3 like the makers of Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Rachted and Clank, ect. and Microsoft has Bungie and RARE so there is and will be several games exclusive to each console which makes it worth having both if you want these games.

FirstknighT4062d ago

I wonder how many people laughed at him during his rant. How embarrassing.

Mr_Kuwabara4062d ago

I have no comment against Nintendo since either way, there pwning us hard.