CVG: Battlefield 3: Has CoD finally met its match?

It all starts so unpromisingly. A jaunty, Hurt-era Johnny Cash number screaming "Team America with feelings!". A bunch of artificial marines cracking wise about clichés referring to death and taxes. Lip-syncing that makes CD:UK look heartfelt.

Okay, that last one might show our age - but we're feeling pretty jaded right now. DICE has just spent a good ten minutes bigging up the role its 2011 Battlefield class - including pay-what-you-like Play4Free experiment - will have in redefining the FPS. And yet we're watching a CoD-lite bunch of numbskulls fretting about the reasons their canvas-topped Jeep has come to a halt.

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2fk2786d ago

BF3 is not even out yet and i already know COD doesn't even compare to this...go compare Black Ops to MW2...oh wait those games are exactly the same...sorry