No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise - Mature rating expected (Hooked Gamers)

When Goichi Suda, one of the deliciously demented Japanese game designers, released his baby No More Heroes for Wii in 2007, many owners of Playstation 3 looked at their machines and cursed at the mad genius for releasing his game on the rival system. The over-the-top nerd story of Travis Touchdown had that special flavor that gaming crowd loved, but many couldn’t try it.

Well, may the peasants rejoice, because No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, an enhanced port of the original game, is coming to Playstation 3. Though the game already came out in Japan last April, it will finally grace the American and European market in 2011 with its colorful madness. You have to thank the hard working people at feelplus, a smaller Japanese company, for porting Travis Touchdown to PS3.

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