EMagLive Podcast Explains FF13/MGS4 Article's weekly podcast this week covered the highly contraversial article they published regarding FF13 VS and MGS4 going multiplatform. Skip to about 56 minutes in for the talk.

Other topics covered:

- Halo 3 Launch and Interviews
- Online play experiences
- PSN vs Live
- Jordan being saved by Video Games
- PS3 and 360 Marketplace discussion
- and more

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ktchong4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

because it creates attention and hype for the two PS3 exclusives.

and if it's true and Sony hears the rumor that Microsoft is "close" to getting FF13 and MGS4, Sony will multiply their effort to remedy the situation and counter Microsoft's offers to Square Enix and Konami, which is what Microsoft does not want.

Itachi4088d ago

desperate article to grab some headlines we have heard it all before

Fighter4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

One of the co-host keeps praising MS, hates the PS3 and Apple computers and their products and sounds like a complete douche bag. You must hear it to believe how lame the guy is. In fact, they both sound like MS lackeys.

EDIT: Sorry JordanL, I know you are one of the hosts of that podcast and you did somewhat defend Sony's PSN service being free but the whole time I heard PS3 bashing from start to finish. You guys claim to be a legitimate site but I think you guys are more like an Xbox 360 fan site or maybe it's just your co-host. Oh BTW, you didn't mention those TGS trailers specifying 'PS3 Only' in bold letters.

zantetsuken4088d ago

They blatantly stated it's for website hits. Konami and Sony have confirmed the game will remain exclusive to the PS3. Keep in mind Sony Pictures is doing the Metal Gear movie. I have no doubt Sony used that as their exclusive or bribe pay. Also, Kojima said this game needs Blu-ray - "But like I said, MGS4 is aimed for the movie theatre, it's aimed for the PS3, so the game's scenario and graphics need this theatre-type hardware. It's when a producer has a game that can work on the 'DVD level' that a game will go multiplatform" - Taken from Kotaku's interview with Kojima.

As for XIII Versus, Square Enix just showed off a trailer for both XIII titles at TGS and clearly labeled: "Only for the Playstation 3". Do you really think SE would do this suddenly when they have a deal pending with MS? Their trailers have never stated for PS3 only, so why do it now just go back on that?

All signs point to BS. This feels more like a stunt to downplay the PS3.

nasim4088d ago

theres no way FF13/MGS4 would be on x360 since x360 doesnt have the power to handle those

I agreee this would hurt MS more than SONY. cuz we know that this is fake but SONY after hearing this BS would multiply efforts to secure the games.

and anyway x360 doesnt sell in EU so why would SQUENIX even step up efforts to release the games on x360.

MS BOTS at their worst

felman874088d ago

I probably should be saying this but EGM is in danger of going down the tubes. In other words, unless they increase readership, they're going the way of the dodo. Remember the Halo vs Killzone 2 AI? Yeah, take this rumor with a whole helping of salt.

zantetsuken4088d ago

EMag, not EGM ;)

EGM has done some silly stuff, too, but this entire rumor has beat the horse to non-existence.

Omegasyde4088d ago

This podcast was beyond retarded.

These guys give eMAg.. a bad name. These guys don't know sh**.

+ MGS4 could go mutli..But won't.
+FF XIII and FF Versus is PS3 only and I'm sure Sony paid for them. Remeber Sony has a bit of a Stake in Square Enix
(Last time I heard it was around ~15% in Square before the merger with Enix. Google it if you don't believe me.)

MGS Online will most likely go Multi-platform, because Socom 4 will kick it's arse.

popup4088d ago

Maybe it sounds about the right sort of time for this to happen.

A consumer could be sat on the fence thinking PS3 or 360? They hear about how amazing Halo3 is and think "tempting but what about MGS and FFXiii?" and then as if by magic a story comes out saying "don't worry about those mate, MS pretty much have them covered too, join the revolution and buy a 360!"

If not, its timimg is astounding.

gamesR4fun4087d ago

Common do these guys release anything other than BS just another lousy attempt at some quick $$$ if that means making stuff up for hits or maybe even a little M$ incentive its still just a pile of steaming poo.
We need to stop approving their articles until they get real impartial reporters that can use facts to back their stories...

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PirateThom4088d ago

No... why are these idiots being given more news time?

Omegasyde4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

Seriously JordanL keep posting up useless sites to start rumors. Just to read fanboys argue over pointless crap. This N4g user keeps posting the lamest sites from people with no credibility just so their sites can get hits.

Jordan I lost all respect for you.
(If you lost respect for me Jordan, I could care less since
I have a "real" Job.)

Coffin874088d ago

the whole stuff in this podcast is just TOTAL fanboy CRAP.

aDDicteD4088d ago

it aint goin' to happen.(period!)

raggydiaper4088d ago

Oh yes, Square Enix would write them a hand-written letter concerning the topic.


pyth0n4088d ago

Yup, another media filled with X360 Fanboys...