Xperia Play SmartPhone: The Control Problems

A review article by Cnet has claimed that the biggest problem with the Xperia Play device is the analog controls. As we might expect, the touch-sensitive circles just don’t the same physical feedback as the real analog sticks on PSP or PSPGo.

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Stealth20k2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Its not a gaming handheld so who cares.

@ below

it was a phone design to be a phone first that can play games. Its not a game device. So really who cares if it cant do that well? If people really want a game device they will buy the 3ds,psp2, or yes even an ipod touch. This device is pretty much an afterthought because even though this device cant play games well you can play any game thats available on this on the psp2.

silvacrest2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

i care

you claim not to care but you still manage to comment every time, without fail

what ever you definition of gaming handheld is, its irrelevant, fact is, this is a phone that was designed to play games well

@ above, like i said, your definition is irrelevant, its a phone and it can play games well, thats all non-trolls care about

your foolish in thinking people only want a handheld that can do specific things, i and many other want something that can do it all, albeit, not as well as a dedicated device but good enough

you bring up the ipod touch for gaming which doesnt even have buttons and would play similar if not the same games as the play but for some reason you dump all over this? WTF? does the play having phone functions as well bother you that much?

the PSP2 does NOT have access to the android market so it wont be able to play every game available to the play

Blad3star2785d ago

"it was a phone design to be a phone first that can play games"

Thats true but the selling point of this phone is the gaming - why should I buy this phone over an Android or iphone.

nycredude2785d ago

"Thats true but the selling point of this phone is the gaming - why should I buy this phone over an Android or iphone."

Last I check no other android phone or iphone has any gaming related buttons at all.

Blad3star2785d ago

Did not know that this phone was an Andriod - now I am intrested becasue I love Andoid phones.

Thanks bodybomb

DenyTheFacts2785d ago

Stupidest decision ever.. Couldnt they just put a real stick there?

DelbertGrady2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

And how would they hide that under the slidescreen? I agree though that nubs would be nice.

Btw, the title is strange. From reading the CNET review he seemed to think the touch pads worked just fine.

silvacrest2785d ago

to an extent i agree, im wondering why they didn't just use two analog nubs similar to what the PSP/GO uses

read my quote below, the person who used it got used to it

Spitfire_Riggz2785d ago

I read another hands on statement that also claims they are weird. HOWEVER once you get used to them they work very well

kneon2785d ago

The analog touch pads aren't that bad. I spent about 30 minutes playing with it at MWC and it didn't take very long to get used to the touch pads.

silvacrest2785d ago

for those who are to lazy to read the whole article, its not all negative

"I unexpectedly grew to really like the touch-sensitive circles for smaller side-to-side movements. In fact, I ended up using the touch-sensitive circle for most of the race, and only going to the D-Pad when I had to drift sharply"

Spinal2785d ago

With analog or not. It's still getting my money. lol

This is my next phone.

silvacrest2785d ago

same here, the trolls, naysayers and haters aren't going to stop me from buying this, especially with weak arguments from the likes of stealth

sikbeta2785d ago

I want one too, time to get rid of these crappy cellphones I have XD

Spinal2785d ago

An Android phone with a playstation pad. pre-loaded Crash bandicoot and I saw Syphon filter on the Playstation pocket in one video on YouTube. Total win.

Or Stick with Touchscreen gaming on a dual core iphone 5 or Motorola Atrix? loool

I'm going with the Xperia Play thanks.

2785d ago
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