All the big news from Iwata’s keynote speech at GDC 2011 including a new Mario on 3DS

The 3DSTribe recap all the news from Satoru Iwata's keynote speech at the Game Developers Conference and give their opinion on what was shown.

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Whoooop2790d ago

A new Mario??? I would have never expected that.

limewax2790d ago

What happened to the zelda stuff then... Just a video? :<

norman292790d ago

Trust me it wont just be 1 new Mario it will hundreds (well not literally) hmmm that reminds me I need to go milk a cow

badz1492790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

what else do you expect? of course there will be Mario! it's like Miyamoto can't make anything that sell without Mario in it just like Kotick can't sell anything without CoD name on it! let's move on

DrRichtofen2790d ago

I am utterly speechless, who'd a thunk it?

Saint-Revlot2790d ago

Hmmm.....Nintendo sure loves new IP's.

disgaeapuchi2790d ago

Don't forget about Steel Diver!

Though admittedly most the new IPs from Nintendo have been outside of traditional games and aimed at the expanded audience.

There has been stuff like Rhythm Tengoku (Rhythm Heaven overseas) and Jam With the Band on DS, though, but they were fairly niche games most ignored.

FalconR2892790d ago

I just want a Super Mario Brothers 3 part II with no stupid help buttons, just good old classic nes style.

Venox20082790d ago

microsoft has Halo
sony has GOW
Ninty has mario

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