G4TV: inFamous 2 User-Generated Missions Preview - Shock and Awe

Sucker Punch revealed a rather "shocking" new feature for its upcoming action sequel inFamous 2 today at GDC 2011: user generated content. That's right. When the game ships June 7, players everywhere will be able to build their very own custom missions set within the world of inFamous 2.

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2fk2839d ago

yup this game's amazing

Keith Olbermann2839d ago

This puts Infamous in my top 3 for 2011 for sure.

ComboBreaker2839d ago

"One of the tester's favorites was the option of making enemies vomit violently whenever Cole approached them. And, yes, you can even tweak the direction of the vomit."

LOL. Awesome. Just awesome.

GodofSackboy2839d ago


You can tweak the direction...of the VOMIT??


JoySticksFTW2839d ago

Really... This game was Day One before this news. But now I kind of wish I did not read this.

This news officially makes the wait for this game insane now.

I've been out of my mind. Not since MGS4 has a wait been this unbearable for me.

Redman222839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

True. Don't fret man THREE MONTHS will just fly by, you'll see. :P


JoySticksFTW2839d ago


You cut deep, Redman.

Well played, sir. Well played...

Three months wait is going to be rough. But I still need to figure out which place has the best preorder perks.

I actually considered getting that crazy collector's pack, but had to talk myself down.

But On Topic, this is amazing news.

It's kind of fascinating to see studios mention each other as inspiration and then set out to out-do each other. It's really telling from PS3 exclusive devs that there's a great comradery, sharing of knowledge, and some friendly but fierce competition

/fanboy appreciation rant

BrunoM2839d ago

Sonyreally is taking te create ur own a nice way ..

i mean mod nation is nice and so is LBP but id say for me ( i put my self on the hardcore part ) infamous2 is the game for me to try and make my created content..

any ways game look good so far cant wait for more info and videos to make my mind up ...

well back to games lol... .sucks to be in bed sick but it does have its good side haha

doa7662839d ago

great stuff, now this is a serious GOTY contender

my GOTY expectations rank:
1 the last guardian
2 skyrim
3 uncharted 3
4 mass effect 3
5 infamous 2

Darrius Cole2839d ago

I'm just hearing about this. Will we be able to upload/share/download missions over the Playstation Network?

BrunoM2839d ago

within the game .. as like you press star says like network and then all over ther the city will be icons with missions from the net ..

Darrius Cole2839d ago

Ohhh, that is just great. Supreme ownage. A guaranteed two million seller, maybe even more.

Imagine if they put that Uncharted 3, or Ninja Gaiden.

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a08andan2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I see this as a future for most games. The ability for users to create their own levels or other types of in-game content is the ultimate way to increase the value of a game. It opens a omfg-ish big door of replay-value. I'm very happy to see this happening ^^

karl2839d ago

i see many that wont like it.. since DLC is a big cash in for them

a08andan2839d ago

Then they might make the tools for user created content a DLC-pack :D and release add-ons with more items (Like textures, models etc) as DLC too ^^

HeavenlySnipes2839d ago

InFamous 2 may end up being GOTY.

GoldPS32839d ago

Insane trailer. This must be the secret Sucker Punch was hiding.

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