Gamestop sued over alleged privacy infringement

For a monstrously large chunk of the gaming populace in the United States, Gamestop is the proverbial corner store for any and all video game needs. However, it seems they've been pulling a bit more information from their customers than would normally be expected within any legal limit.

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cochise3132790d ago

This is why i'm anti gamestop. Amazon FTW.

VenomProject2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I was anti-GameStop before this...The employees are asshats most of the time.

Edit: Ah, Babages...That was a cool store.

cochise3132790d ago

Oh yeah I've been anti gamstop for a while now. I miss funcoland, babgages, and the old software etc.

LoneWanderer092790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I been going to the same Gamestop for over 9 years and i never shop anywhere else for Gaming Accessories or Games. Am happy with the people at my local Gamestop they already know who i am. I DON'T TRUST CREDIT CARDS ANYWHERE they always make trouble


Baka-akaB2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I rarely bother with retail especially chains , not only depending on the store and the year you can sometimes fall upon folks who obviously dont know games or can't bother to care for a mediocre wager ... but there are the usual tricks and shenanigans coming from upper management

Online shops FTW and early releases .

thebudgetgamer2790d ago

support local mom and pop shops.

Baka-akaB2790d ago

i've got no reasons to . For starters only a few still exists in the area , and well why the assumptions pops and mom shops are always good and better ?

The few i've seen around had greedy owners who enjoyed ripping people off even more than chains . And i mean truly ripping people off , not just the usual higher costs than chains

Misterhbk2790d ago

We've got a couple local shops where I live and they're fantastic! Especially for collecting older games. I recently went to one and found about fifteen PS2 RPG's for my collection, and for all of them spent under $100.

But as far as buying new games goes, they don't get very many copies, so they tend to sell out very quickly and I end up at gamestop anyways. I've never really been one for online shopping.

radphil2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

This sueing is funny, mainly because I work at a Gamestop, and the info is most of the time incorrect with people when they trade/return things to begin with, so this is a surprise :p

While granted I don't like the idea of any company getting personal info, I ask how did it take YEARS for something like this to come up. How did she even get this information pertaining to the collection? How come no one else have stepped forward on this? What basis is this on?

I also find it funny that most of the comments are anti-gamestop instead of actually asking for sense.

Zashule2790d ago

Worked at a GS as a teen, the problem is that pawn shop laws apply to their stores. They require a State ID for any trade ins. As far as credit cards go, I don't ever recall keeping Credit card records on file except for the rare instance we had to manually enter a card.

radphil2790d ago

Yea, that's what confuses me on this suit. I don't like the company either, but I'm questioning what grounds this holds onto.