1UP: The Last Guardian Is about Luring, Stamina and Running Away Like a Little Boy... We Think

The day before Sony's recent NGP press conference in Japan -- after over five years in development, nearly two years since they released the debut trailer, and conveniently embargoed until the first day of GDC -- Team Ico decided to finally prove The Last Guardian is a real game and opened their doors to show it to the media running on PS3 hardware for the first time.

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telekineticmantis2784d ago

... Run away like a little [email protected] Still possibly my most anticipated games, especially after the masterpiece that was shadow of the colossus.

Goeres2784d ago

And who said art and gaming doesn't go hand in hand?

DigitalAnalog2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

From what I've seen in the previous, this takes famliar elements from the past 2 titles ICO & SoTC. Well, at least basic concepts such as climbing and the partnership between two characters.

However, the gameplay mechanic is what interest me as once has to adapt to the "curious" nature of Trico in order to progress through the level; like a real animal, one must try to use distractions or make him familiarize with the main character in order to make Trico assist you within the game.

If this is the case, this would make Trico the most ADVANCED AI in the history of gaming. Utilizing the AI to solve puzzles/gameplay is never been done before (at least from what I know off) and this complexity of the character bonding that would somewhat evolve as the game goes by.

If all goes well, this could be one of the most revolutionary/unique game that would ever come out. I've also seen the patent Team ICO got regarding online issues to which the levels from other universe (online) would affect each other. The concept is just.... mindblowing.

-End statement

Masterchef20072784d ago

I have to admit though the art is nice in this game.

Sugreev20012783d ago

Sounds similar to Ico and SoTC,so I'm more than happy.