Kotaku : Shenmue III is Coming ?

Kotaku writes : "Speaking at a talk during the Game Developer Conference today, designer Yu Suzuki said that he thinks Sega is going to let him make Shenmue III. The audience broke into shouts and applause, and then Suzuki abruptly changed topics."

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Starhawk2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

If he makes it, I hope it's going to be a PS3 exclusive so that it's as good and beautiful as possible.

units2840d ago

so more people get to play it

Istanbull2840d ago

I hope it will be a PS3 exclusive, just so they can make the biggest and the most bestest storytelling ever that we will never forget!

Muletroid2840d ago

what does ps3 have to do with story telling?

honestly some of you guys need to find some legitimate reasons for saying things like that

all i keep seeing is should be on ps3 because its ps3 DUUUR

DelbertGrady2840d ago

Wouldn't it make more sense to hope it's PC exclusive, if strictly from a powerful hardware perspective?

Kon2840d ago

So, according to Istanbull, if the game turns out to be a multiplat, the storyline will be lame.

No Way2840d ago

Lol, that's how it worked with Final Fantasy.. ;)

ZeroX98762840d ago

They can still put the game on 360 on multiple disc, FF series on PS1 was like that and no one cared since those games was awesome. Yes, bluray will have an advantage of not changing disc IF the game is big.
anyway I think that to make a BIG game with a BIG budget, multiplatform should be considered. Exclusives are always nice for the platform getting it, but a bigger audience means a bigger budget! Why limit the popularity of a third party game?

By the way I'm a big supporter of the PS3 since I'm at more than 40 PS3 games, but I still own 15 great 360 exclusives.
what I'm trying to say is don't try to make this a fanboy debate, just be happy that there's a chance shenmue III is coming out!!!! :D

Istanbull2840d ago

Why Shenmue III should be a PS3 exclusive?
Homeboy Acquiescence summed it up in the comments, in his own words:

I too hope Shenmue III is a PS3 exclusive, for three reasons...
Firstly, the second Shenmue came out on the original Xbox and failed to find an audience, far less so than the Dreamcast versions did. It flopped on that console and then some.

Secondly, the PS3 demographic would have far more interest in a third Shenmue that of the 360 one. It's no secret that story-led, narrative heavy games do better on the former, while the latter tends to appeal more to younger gamers who'd rather shoot things in the kneecaps and score headshots than engage in an emotional journey.

Thirdly, blu-ray would allow for a single disc experience, dual language tracks and optimal performance without fretting over how the game will work on an inferior console. FFXIII anyone?

Controversial opinion perhaps, but this isn't fanboy delusion; I'm just keeping it real. I genuinely think it's in the best interests of all that Shenmue III be a PS3 exclusive.

If they wont release it on the PS3, then hopefully on a new Sega console!

guigsy2840d ago

You lot are so petty. We get some excellent news regarding the possibility of Shenmue 3 being made and all you care about is what platform it's on. I bet none of you played any of the Shenmue games, you just want it to be exclusive for fanboy bragging rights.

Shame on the lot of you.

jack_burt0n2840d ago

It will be exclusive like yakuza, there just isn't the audience on any other platform.

Unless u want a gamecube version on wii.

Lawliet2840d ago

If Shenmue III ever get an announcement. Exclusive or not, it will be on the PS3 regardless. Microsoft won't make the effort into buying this exclusive as it isn't a title to move units(The installment on the Xbox sold like only 10K!! Or maybe even less!) in the US region seeing that's where 2.9/3 of fanbase, they want guns, and being a martial art adventure game just not appealing enough.

Believe it or not, in Japan Xbox360 = Dead! No matter how Microsoft give them the love, they will not respond!

Shenmue III will be on PS3 and being an exclusive chances are extremely high.

I don't get the "Yakuza" as an example, it move over 500K units in Japan alone! It had never get a release outside of Japan, if you buy it you will have to play with Japanese text.

AAACE52839d ago

To all the idiots hoping it should be a Ps3 exclusive so it can be better, you should know.

The story for Shenmue was completed before the first game came out... All 16 chapters! So the story probably won't change. All that's left is graphics and gameplay.

Gameplay can be done on either console because both controllers are similar. Graphics haven't helped most games pull ahead in sales or ratings much so that isn't a factor.

So exactly how would making it an exclusive make it better? Especially for Sega, who is all about trying to make money like every other company!

Multiplat is the way and other developers have seen the light as well!

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EYEamNUMBER12840d ago

oh you mean like yakuza?

btw this here is something called sarcasm some of you guys might wanna look it up

Hatiko2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )


vsr2840d ago

Due to PC and xbox360 higher piracy rates than PS3 and the type of players, This should be a PS3 exclusive ! PS fans support innovations like heavyrain

tehpees32840d ago

PS3 deserves this game as exclusive.

Playstation home would work incredibly with this.

Hatiko2840d ago

PS3 doesn't "deserve" any games.
And seeing as the xbox got a shenmue game and a sony console has never gotten one, if anything ms would get it.

limewax2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Sure because we all know how well the xbox is doing in japan. I think theyre going to want to release it on a console where they can sell it to their own country at the very least

No Way2840d ago

A game like Shenmue exclusive to the xBox Brand..
Well, that may just convince some Japanese to jump on board.

But, anyway, Shenmue is a popular game.
Game will sell anywhere, I'm sure.

Hatiko2840d ago

What I mean is that it wont be a ps3 exlusive because there is no need to. You people are acting like Japan is the only country in the world.

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Troll-without-Bridge2840d ago

shenmue II was epic, and it was on the DC. Multiplatform will do just fine.

nnotdead2840d ago

big Playstation fan here, and i would rather it be on as many systems as possible, and for it to turn out good.

No Way2840d ago

Now now! Don't be greedy. ;)

the_kutaragi_baka2840d ago

It costs tons to make and hardly sells anything and doesnt make a profit.Theyll need to release the game on as many platforms as possible to get a profit.

Theonik2840d ago

Here's the dilemma, risk lower sales by decreasing your potential audience Vs focusing on one platform which tends to increase the amount of polish that that single version gets.

At the same time there are more factors into play here. If they expect the game to sell mostly in Japan then they have almost no reason to make a 360 version and focusing on PS3 might help them offset development costs with potential help from Sony, less time spent on 360 port etc..

Either way the platform it's on doesn't really matter one should simply be glad if it even gets made. Yu is probably trolling us.
I say this now though i shall purchase it on any platform so long as it lives up to the previous 2 games!

jack_burt0n2840d ago

Exactly joint publish with Sony win win. And the gamer wins because quality will be priority.

DigitalAnalog2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

If you guys played Shenmue, you realize this is a game where it doesn't fit into MS's M.O. Back then, the standard of the games were 1.2 GB per GD disc. In order to make way for story/gameplay, they had to utilize "multiple" disks. Shenmue 1 utilzed 3 GD discs while the sequel had 4 GD discs. It was not until the DVD was released before it was been available as a single disc.

If I remember correctly, this game had 16 chapters in total with the franchise spanning up to Chapter 3. If they were to finish all the way up to 16, they're going to need ALL of the space they could get. MS, can't let another FFXIII debacle happen because even devs like John Carmack has to be content with 2 DVD's (even though he proposed for 3) due to "royalty" fees that would scare off many developers. I'm pretty sure FFXIII had MS pay for those in order to go multiplat since that would've taken a huge chunk of SE's budget. Not to mention the game had to be sold at the same price of $60.

Does this mean I hate the game to be multiplat? Of coruse not! However, if the lack of storage would hinder said ambition (and we know Yu Suzuki is as ambitions as one can get), then it would be better to find a platform that can support it. So far, the PS3 is the most viable choice due to it's huge storage capacity (with an added HDD), while having solid support with many of the SEGA based games including Yakuza. The Xbox had it's chance to make up for it back then but the lack of gamer support has caused it to fall back under the radar.

You want this game on the 360. You better tell MS to spend their money on "royalty" fees. If you want a history lesson, SEGA spent nearly 70 MILLION on the Shenmue franchise alone. Adjust that to normal inflation for today and it would account for nearly half a billion or more (remember games production back then was no more than 5 - 6 digits).

If Yu Suzuki wanted to utilized all 50GB on the PS3's dual blu-ray disc, how do you think that would affect the 360's platform case? Considering their DVD's 2GB security feature is further more hindering that space issue. Face it, the game MUST sell in the platform to make profit, the more DVD's the less profit the dev can make - and the last thing we need is another 50 billion years before another sequel arrives.

-End statement

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k-dillinger2840d ago

yes in reality ps3 exclusive would be better because of the worldwide market and the blu-ray it would be a smart move for sega and no doubt about it it will sell consoles.

EYEamNUMBER12840d ago

wait wait wait you think shenmue 3 would sell consoles? REALLY? i really hope that was a joke or sarcasm

NoobJobz2840d ago

Uh yeah it would. People are nuts over shenmue. I would buy a console for shenmue.

EYEamNUMBER12840d ago

a handful of people buying consoles to get a certain game isn't a console seller thousands and thousands of people buying a console to get a certain game is a console seller

a sequel to a 10 year old game that originally didn't even do so well to begin with is not a console seller

waltyftm2840d ago

Due to the large amount of Ps3 users in Japan and small 360 base there,this has to be a Ps3 exclusive, It would be a stupid mistake otherwise, Just like ff13 was.

guigsy2840d ago

Shenmue sold poorly in Japan when it was on the Dreamcast, that was one of the main reasons for its failure.

Ryo-Hazuki2840d ago

Actually Shenmue 1 sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Problem wasnt shenmue it was the lack of a huge install base for the dreamcast. Shenmue 2 on xbox was stupid mistake by sega should have been on ps2. *Back to playing S1 S2 on my dreamcast*

Giant_Chibi2840d ago

There's a reason why Sega has been so hesitant to green light a new Shenmue game for all these years.

Sales for the original 2 games tragically underperformed.

I love the Shenmue franchise to death, cheesy dialogue and all. It had a certain charm to it that, understandably, most people were turned off by. With the growing success of Yakuza (particularly in japan), there may now be a chance for this game to succeed with an audience that may be more inclined to purchase this type of game this time around. With that said, I still think it's highly unlikely that Shenmue 3 would be high-profile enough to sell consoles. It's like the Serenity to my Firefly.

KillerPwned2840d ago

Sega needs to do it, This game would redeem them completely i think and they would earn a lot of money. Sega is really stupid if they do not do Shenmue 3.

EVO-OM3GA2840d ago

Cant users scroll down and not have to see PS3, PS3 and PS3 comments.

Considering Shenmue was released on the XBOX shouldnt it be a MS exclusive?

Either way I hope the develop this game it is much needed.

DrillaKid2840d ago

Shenmue was actually on the Dreamcast; Pt2 was released on the Xbox later but it flopped badly. If Sega want the third to sell it's obviously going to have to appear on a console in Japan; so common sense says it'll be multi.

EVO-OM3GA2840d ago

I am well aware that shenmue was on the DC I still have my DC and the first Shenmue, if sega releases the game on xbox it will sell regardless you Mark the first as a flop when the game was out before it was on the xbox and it was on an amazing console to boot this isn't the case now

coojo2840d ago

yeah ps3 sucks idk why people on here like it so much.I hope its wii exclusive.

waltyftm2840d ago

A Ps3 version of Shenmue 3 would be awsome, And the cherry on top would be HD versions of 1 and 2 included on the same disk with the Mythical 3rd shenmue.