Iwata: Game Development Is Drowning

The advent of Apple's App Store for the iPhone and iPad has created an entirely new segment in the handheld market for games and other applications. While this segment has increased dramatically over the past few years, some, namely Nintendo's Satoru Iwata, don't think this is the best thing for gaming.

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Sanrin2788d ago

Interesting to consider, but I would like to disagree. Perhaps he's just upset that there's a bit more competition within the industry?

ShawnCollier2788d ago

The DS/Wii have their own batches of shovelware, but I have noticed a bit more on the iOS platform.

I think it'll build itself up as the platform matures, though. Think back to the Atari days, a lot of that stuff was crappy back then.

Neckbear2788d ago

"Think back to the Atari days, a lot of that stuff was crappy back then."

And we all know how that ended, don't we?

AAACE52787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Sanrin... Nintendo get's more attention than Sony, MS, Apple, etc. combined! So why would he get upset about that?

The problem is, Nintendo and Sony respect gaming! MS is starting to respect gaming. These others don't respect gaming and aren't really doing much to expand the gaming industry.

Our type of gaming is built on money! With people spending less on gaming, our type of gaming is kinda in a strange place right now. You can't really see it unless you have been following the industry for several years.

I hope things work themselves out in the end. Just keep in mind that there is a bigger picture that most don't pay attention to.

Most gamers are so into the fanboy stuff and hating on something, they probably don't know that gaming itself almost died altogether during the early 80's. Miyamoto came along and gave it new life! So I don't care how you feel about Nintendo, you should at least respect them because they are truely the ones who care about gaming!

Theyellowflash302788d ago

If you listen to the keynote he isn't upset that there is competition.

DenyTheFacts2788d ago

What competition? Between Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda to those half assed game that are released every day to the iOS and cost .99$? You can't be serious...

mephman2788d ago

I am inclined to agree with his comments about Apps, you really do have to look around for a quality product as there's so much crap. But it's not like the Wii is a haven for top quality games.

Stealth20k2788d ago

Hes talking about gaming in general.

Its funny that bullshit article writing like this exists.

not once did he mention handhelds

Giant_Chibi2788d ago

I don't understand your argument. I took a look at the article myself and yes Iwata is talking about gaming in general, but he is clearly referencing Apple's app success as a negative turning point for video game development. "With such competition even being noticed is extremely difficult...Game development is drowning."

Does your concern lie with the author's use of Iwata's quote? Even though Iwata does not specifically say "handhelds," his comment is still relevant to the topic at hand. Either way, it's brutally obvious that he's referring to Apple and their apps' over-saturating the gaming market with shovelware.

Seferoth752788d ago

You must not have actually watched his address. He didnt say anything about Apple at all dude.
There are roughly 4 thousand retail games for PS3,360,Wii,DS. digital games range in the tens of thousands. Out of digital download apps 92% are free apps and the rest are sold very cheap. When you have so many games out it becomes harder to get your game noticed these days. Now Apple isnt the only company to offer apps.

Giant_Chibi2788d ago

okay perhaps you're misunderstanding my comment. What i'm trying to say is that, although he is not directly referring to apple, he is implying it. Of course, during these conferences they don't normally refer to their competitors by name when talking statistics.

I'm also inferring that they are indirectly speaking of apple because:

1. Apple was the first to popularize apps for the mainstream market on a handheld.

2. In response to an interviewer who asked Nintendo about their concerns against competing against the psp, Nintendo replied that they were more concerned about Apple becoming a potential threat.

Just knowing this alone, I blindly assumed that's who Iwata was subtly referring to.

And no, i did not watch the conference. So, if i'm wrong, i'm wrong. My apologies.

2v12788d ago

i dont care if the industry crash again, im still playing counterstrike every day , along whit GT5 ,matured gamers know wher to look for good games.

bananlol2788d ago

Kinda immature comment.

KwietStorm2788d ago

Yea really haha irony isn't even the word..

kesvalk2788d ago

and this is why you only have 3 bubbles chap...

2v12788d ago

and why is that chap

Blasphemy2788d ago

"He further goes on to state that these developers don't care as much about maintaining a high value of standards, instead focusing on "quantity" to gain profit."

hahaha has he looked at the titles released on the Wii lately?

limewax2788d ago

Bad timing, they recently have been putting out some more titles taking higher reviews. Wii has had more interesting exclusives than 360 since december and thats saying something

Seferoth752788d ago

He is one of those morons that actually thinks Nintendo made Petz and Cooking Mama.

He doesnt understand that up until Sony entered the market Nintendo kept a tight grasp on the types of games companies released. Then Sony came along with a put out whatever you want attitude and he bought it up, now that Nintendo has seen this and copies their attitude it is suddenly completely wrong.

He considers Rugrats,BluesClues,Redneck Rampage, Barbie adventures to be quality AAA must own hardcore titles.

Giant_Chibi2788d ago

it's not as nearly as bad as the appstore. I tried sorting through the games section of the appstore to find a good quality title to purchase. I was looking for something fast-paced and a bit mature so, to narrow down my search I selected the action genre. And do you know what I came across? Angry Birds. A decent game, but not what I had in mind for an action game.

They also had doodle jump, bikini girl rescue, balloon popper, kick the can 2... the list goes on. I also came across Angry Bombs, a clone of Angry Birds. And this happens a lot. Some prick takes the original idea and barely changes the name and art to sell it off as new. There's too many clones to count. There's also a Metal Gear soundboard. That's right, a soundboard in the action genre of the gaming section. A soundboard is not a game nor is it action oriented, but it doesn't matter to Apple because hey, it's related to metal gear, which is a game that is very action oriented. Right, let's just throw it in there with all the other "action games."

Not only does apple allow too many crappy games on their app store, but they also lack the decency to place these games in their proper categories. None of the games referenced above deserve to be a part of the action genre.

Finding a good game from Apple's appstore sucks harder than finding a good game on the Wii

B1663r2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I had an iPhone, After wrestling with ATT for two years where they kept raising my bill every other month from the minimal $90 to $150 for a phone bill... With crap telephone service btw... Well unless I used the dainty iPhone grab... I ditched the iPhone, and picked up a Boost mobile with a keyboard phone, and I don't miss App store apps (or games) one bit at all.

And I spend less that $30 a month on my phone typically.

True Story

KwietStorm2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I completely understand your point, but with all due respect, anyone who is actually looking for a "console quality" game on their smartphone is already lost. I own an Android phone, not a iPhone, but it's the same thing. Also to be fair, "real" gaming has only very recently picked up on the smartphone platforms, so yea the crapps are always going to be there just because it's big business right now. The only games I play on my phone are little mini games for traveling or commuting. I don't have a Wii because it's of no interest to me.

Blasphemy2787d ago

@Seferoth75 and everyone else who doesn't understand what I meant. I am not talking about Nintendo itself. If your going to talk about developers not releasing quality products then why let all this shovelware be released on your system? Wii has more trash games then any other gaming console released in history. Even Sony wasn't this bad with PS2 junkware.

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