HomeFront: Timeline - Events Leading to US Invasion

Set in the year 2027, Homefront’s story is based on a fictional timeline that includes events which lead to the invasion of the United States of America by the Korean People’s Army. The developers claim that though the chances of this timeline coming true are slim, the year-by-year events are plausible enough, hence making the storyline of the game itself plausible.

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FordGTGuy2786d ago

As it has not happened yet, this is a pretty dumb way to justify a far fetched story line. Hell I could use the same argument to say Halo is plausible....

coldfoot2786d ago

The only way Koreans are invading US is with their cars and electronics.

awiseman2786d ago

Or if obama has his way and reduces funding to security networks including anti-nuke systems. If clown like him had their ways I would not be suprised if our country became a nuclear fallout zone like in metro 2033 and fallout.

ASSASSYN 36o2786d ago

What anti nuke system! I know your not talking about the missle defense sheild that had a high failure rate. The same defense sheild that can't distinguish between dummy and live warheads! You call him a clown but I bet you believe palin is a damn genius. Quit watching and getting your education from fox news. Their only purpose is to scare low income and middle class so they can pump more money into the super rich who fund bill oriely, glen beck, palin, and Limbaugh. Absorb info from all news sources and then formulate a educated view of any administration. At least do so after obama's is over. And doing so would be wise. And get a life.

outwar60102786d ago

what goes around comes back around

chriski3332786d ago

I liked it very interesting story but kinda scary stuff u never know what could happen

ablecain2786d ago

It was plausible until this part:

Kim Jong-un becomes a loved and highly respected leader, earning the Nobel Peace Prize for reuniting the Korean Nations."

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