Battlefield 3 vs Black Ops screenshot comparison: DICE’s made a winner

Gamersmint: Battlefield 3 has just started to come out of the shadows and needless to say, it looks absolutely amazing. So we decided to see how what we have seen of BF3 so far stacks up against the current online FPS king, Black Ops.

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smurfz2840d ago

Battlefield 3 looks far better however, I'm waiting for the next Cod announcement, only then we'll see who's the winner.

hennessey862840d ago

comparing an old title to a new title very original

Wenis2840d ago

Keep in mind black ops is only 3-4 months old, and these BF3 screenshots are from the alpha version.

BattleAxe2840d ago

Keeping in mind too that Black Ops was a poor effort by Treyarch, especially on PS3, I want to see what Sledgehammer Games does.

Istanbull2840d ago

Why compare it with Black Ops? CoD graphics stayed the same since CoD4, you might aswell compare Battlefield 3 graphics with CoD4.

Pixelated_Army2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Better comparison here.



No question BF3 kills BlOps.

hennessey862840d ago

with cod4 gameplay over a pretty game any day. Im not saying bf3 is good or bad but graphics are not everything. I hope there is some substance behind those visualls. Then we are all winners

inveni02839d ago

Actually, I think comparing to an "old" game is precisely how it should be done. How else do you see the evolution of graphics over time? Battlefield 3, even in its alpha state, destroys anything we've seen so far. PC or Console, no doubt. And that's great. It's about time someone gave the PS3 a little competition!

ilikecookies2839d ago

@1.1.6 Crysis 1 is still doing that.

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Spitfire_Riggz2840d ago

Im not going to lie the Black ops screenshots dont look as bad as I thought they would

GoldPS32840d ago

The next COD will look the same like the others. Don't get your hopes up;

suicidalblues2840d ago

Agreed. They (IW) already said that a new engine would be "detrimental" to the series.

farhad2k82840d ago

I disagree, if respawn entertainment and slegehammer games decide to do something a little different, the game may look good when it's released.

This is their last chance to prove that CoD is still unique, I really hope they release a beta around September.

cyguration2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )


"I disagree, if respawn entertainment and slegehammer games decide to do something a little different, the game may look good when it's released."

Seriously, dude?

Keep dreaming. They can't afford to do anything different with the annual CoD releases. None of the games since Modern Warfare (or after) will do anything different otherwise it opens up a slew of new problems, glitches, bugs and errors that they'll have to spend time fixing and we all know Activision hates for their developers to waste time fixing things.

badz1492840d ago

respawn has nothing to do with CoD! some key members left IW and formed Respawn, but CoD belongs to AV and IW is still alive!

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ZombieNinjaPanda2840d ago


IF you really believe the next call of Duty will have any chance standing up to BattleField 3, you're out of your mind.

OhMyGandhi2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

no contest.

however I am impressed by's COD's facial details.

RatherHavaBigGirl2840d ago

comparing visuals between two games who's release dates are a year or more apart. nice job

badz1492840d ago

sadly! it's because they said already they are sticking with CoD4 engine! another year, another sub-HD CoD on consoles. get over it!

RatherHavaBigGirl2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

you said nothing that changes the fact that comparing bbc3 to cod:bo isnt fair

kparks2838d ago

also considering how old the black ops engine is and to me MW2 looks and plays WAY WAY WAY BETTER just loose the tubes 1 man army and commando

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ps3rider2840d ago

its not fair because battlefield pictures are not the final build. yes indeed battlefield rocks

psb2840d ago

Call of Duty is simply no match for this beauty.

sjaakiejj2840d ago

It looks better than either of those two games. Battlefield 3 has a visual quality which is only slightly lower than what I'd expect from a true next gen game. Impressive technology, very impressive.

2fk2840d ago

WOAH dont ever compare BF3 to COD ?....BF3 destroys COD

GamingForever2840d ago

Battlefield 3 is looks way better than Black Ops but beating it at the gameplay, will hold the key for EA. I can't wait for this though.

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