iPad 2 Specs Include 9x Faster Graphics

NowGamer: iPad 2's astonishing official specs reveal a device that could rival current-gen consoles for the space under your TV...

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Blaster_Master2788d ago

Well the NGP is only 4 times faster than the Ipad. So what gives?

skyward2788d ago

HDMI out and video is awesome - if its HD

granthinds2787d ago

Yup, they say it is on the site.

DJMarty2788d ago

Without 'Flash' support, iPad 2 is DOA.

There are miles better tablets on the market that will wipe the floor with this on price, features.

Tablets are pointless

EasilyTheBest2788d ago

Get a life Marty. You are posting the same thing in every Ipad thread.

granthinds2787d ago

Name a tablet that has these specs and is in a better price bracket?

darthv722787d ago

it doesnt need flash support. Things are transitioning to html 5 faster than flash can keep updating itself. Even silverlight is better than flash these days.

Chromer2787d ago

I seriously doubt an iPad 2 is more powerful then the 360 and PS3 under my tv.

Ranshak2787d ago

Why do you think its so hard beating 6 yr old tech on a handheld in todays time?

Narutone662787d ago

If you watch the keynote, Steve says that the graphics is 9x faster than the original iPad. Nowhere did he said anything about 360 or PS3.

ChronoJoe2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Processing power alone I'm not sure how they concluded that this would be anywhere near the performance of the current generation HD consoles.

This isn't as 'powerful' as the NGP either. The NGP has 4 cores running between 800mz and 2ghz, the Ipad 2 has 2 cores running at 1ghz. 3.2ghz-8ghz NGP vs 2ghz Ipad.

Given that the NGP is weaker than our current generation of consoles, and the Ipad is of significantly weaker performance than that. This really isn't anything to get excited over. It's a pretty predictable step forward in regards to performance for the Ipad line.

TheIneffableBob2787d ago

Multi-core processors don't work like that. You don't just add up the frequencies.

ChronoJoe2787d ago

4 cores clocking at 800-2000mhz. Adding that up seemed a good means of acquiring a rough estimate of performance?

Regardless the NGPs CPU clearly packs way more punch than the Ipad 2s.

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