Upcoming Modern Warfare 2 Patch Doesn't Add Balance

Infinity Wards community manager, Robert Bowling, has confirmed that the upcoming patch for Modern Warfare 2 will only focus on removing the hacking, from the title.

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Kran2790d ago

They're still patching this game?!


Warprincess1162790d ago

Why would they try to balance the game when MW3 is coming out in November. Activision would never allow that.

-Alpha2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Well, they did patch COD4 near MW2's release when PS3 was hit with those hacks.

BTW, there WAS a balance patch according to IW but they scrapped it because Activision made them cancel it. It was around when BO came out so you could expect that if true, Activision wanted to focus attention on Black Ops.

I remember following fourzerotwo and hearing about Commando tweaks, etc. but it never happened.

Pixelated_Army2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

The game is only a year old so yes I expect them to continue to support this game.

BattleAxe2790d ago

This is some refreshing news.

Soldierone2790d ago

Yeah i see it now. "MW3 NOW HAS BALANCING! No we didnt add anything else to the franchise, SO BUY IT!" lol

Either way. Goodbye Cheaters! you will not be missed.

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Blaze9292789d ago

Lol i didn't even know there were still people AT Infinity Ward yet alone Robert.

2fk2790d ago

just stop playing COD and that'll be your helped me

ShadyDevil2790d ago

I agree with that one. lol.

NBT912790d ago

And for those who do not jump on hate bandwagons?

2fk2790d ago

keep playing the same exact game with over-priced map packs

NBT912790d ago

Oh yes because anyone who play COD obviously buys the over priced map packs >.> you my friend, are a tool.

Anyway no one moaned when Killzone 3 was the same as KillZone 2, you see a sequel funnily enough is SUPPOSED to play like it predecessor.

FunAndGun2790d ago

You can just stay on the 'I support lazy money grabs' wagon.

NiKK_4192790d ago

COD has gone through 4 different versions on ps3, killzone has gone through 2, and the differences between every COD game are small, besides kz3 is a direct sequel to kz2, COD games (besides cod4 and mw2) aren't sequels, they're supposed to be different, but they're not even upgrades

DarkFantasy2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

"killzone has gone through 2, and the differences between every COD game are small"

yeah true,but killzone hasn't really changed that much as well but sequels really don't change at all and some of the things that did change was a down grade no in game music,no server instead you get match making ect and well we all know whats up with cod,i really don't think one game is better then the outher they both bring something different to the table.i do enjoy the odd rounds of kz and cod but im a battlefield man my self lol battlefield is my addiction,so fun with friends.

goflyakite2790d ago

"Anyway no one moaned when Killzone 3 was the same as KillZone 2, you see a sequel funnily enough is SUPPOSED to play like it predecessor."

A sequel is also supposed to be better then the game before it, something KZ3 is, and something every CoD hasn't been since CoD 4.

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Gamer_Z2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

"just stop playing COD and that'll be your patch" lol comment of the day...

NeloAnjelo2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Hahahahah!!!!!! Well said 2fk

@NBT91... How is KZ3 like Kz2? In fact its so different that many of the Veterans players are turning away from the game. Gone are the realistic reload times, the heavy feeling of the weapons and the recoils. However, they still manage to keep a bit of weight and all weapons still feel different. Something COD still can't do. You obviously have not played the game. Killzone innovates over its predecessors, COD imitates its previous self.

NBT912789d ago

I have KillZone 3 and do not get me wrong, it is a fantastic game, but I also have KZ2 and to me it just feels the same. Like I said, its good (certainly it is the Game to be playing for PS3 owners right now). I really like the PS3 iterations of KillZone (I am General for KZ2, hope to get to the same on 3 and am bout 20 something now) and finished campaign for both. But I thought they felt way similar and if it is a problem or COD then it should be a problem for this too. Although I would not say it is even a bad thing at all

NeloAnjelo2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

@NBT91... The campaign feels the same, but I feel the online has changed drastically. Gone are the spawn grenades, and you can't combine abilities, like boost and tact, repair and tact, etc. I miss this. I'm not saying its completely different, but enough is new in there to make you learn new things about each character's strengths and weaknesses and their role in the objectives.

But they are more fundamental differences... like the feel of the game, and the new modes. Pure death match, pure objectives, and the good old warzone. However, even warzone has changed. The maps are smaller and so is the player count. COD (IMO) hasn't done anything different or new in a log time. Try going back to KZ2 after playing KZ3 and see how different they really are. I find KZ2 so much harder now that I've played 3 and I appreciate that hardocre feel even more now.

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Dart892790d ago

Just go back to playing mw that's my medicine.

awiseman2790d ago

Ok, but they need to fix the excessive noobtubing and the hit-box lag and add some form of camping repellent and fix the host issues..and fix the...actually come to think of it the whole game needs work...

I still play it tbh, Im one lvl from prestigue.

MightyMark4272790d ago

meh, MW2 is old. Time to move on

theEx1Le2789d ago

^^this is the problem nowadays, a game that is less than a year and a half old is considered as old. If its so old why is sold still at high price? not a budget title.

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