inFamous 2 Dynamic theme PS3

PSN plus members in EU territories are getting free dynamic theme for inFamous2

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Rainstorm812789d ago

right im a dynamic theme fanatic and i waant this in the US, at least have it for sale in the UK store i have a UK [email protected] below havent seen the helghast theme

Blaze9292789d ago

not that impressive. I'll still stick with my Heavy Rain dynamic theme. The best one out imo.

Warprincess1162789d ago

Wow that theme was cool. This better come to the US

VenomProject2789d ago

This and the Helghast theme that you get in the Helghast edition of KZ3 are the best dynamic themes I've ever seen.

KillerPwned2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Someone should get the file and post it somewhere for us to download and install on our PS3`s not in the UK.

MajestieBeast2789d ago

Wow killzone 3 just got booted off my screen for this baby even though the helghast hazmat is pretty cool too.

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The story is too old to be commented.