Gamestop Faces Lawsuit for Collecting Your PII

According to the suit, this class of plaintiffs, which may include you, is due $1,000 for every violation. Of course, that’s what it’s asking. You know as well as we that the final amount, if any, is for a court to decide, and as a rule, these things never pay off any more than a few bucks if at all. But hey, money’s money.

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Warprincess1162788d ago

So why is she suing again. They just stored her information in their servers. I don't see what the big deal is. She just wants money. I hope she lose.

GamerEdie2788d ago

If you read her lawsuit, it's because you can't collect personal information when a customer uses a credit card. And it's not just her, it's a class-action lawsuit, so it's for everyone who purchased a game via credit card from GS.

Why? Because it's illegal to do that in California. I don't know if GS will lose or anything. But I'm finding my old receipts just in case...

Shani2787d ago

So if I go to California and buy 3-4 games today from different GS (so 3-4 receipts).

Then if GS looses - I get 3-4 X $1000 ??

Sounds like a good deal. :D
Easily covers expenses of flights to California.


Sheikah2787d ago

Any form of collection of PII or 'resale' of PII is illegal. Particularly when involved with a purchase.

If PII is to be used by a store, chain or W/E, your approval will be necessary + you are required to be informed in regards to the use of the PII -- the example given in the article uses an invoulentary subscribtion of a magazine like Gamereactor/Gamescribe; this too is illegal unless the consent of the costumer is provided.

E.g. whenever you provide your E-mail to a site, and all of a sudden you're getting suspicious adds? Or maybe subscribe to a TXT service from your local nightclub, only to realize that you are now subscribing to the 'news' of every major nightclub in the vicinity..

cheetorb2787d ago

Great, so now if I go into a gamestop (which I try to avoid) I'm just going to get hounded in to buying more things I don't want so they can cover their expenses. Time for them to go away. Too big and too greedy.