Iwata shares first Mario 3DS information, screenshots

First Mario 3DS details revealed, as well as logo and screenshots.

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2fk2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

i love Mario games

Moac2785d ago

That tail looks like the raccoon tail or the leaf power up mode from Super Mario bros 3.

I think this will be NSMB2 or SMB4 .... AMAZING NEWS!

SonyNGP2785d ago

A sequel to Mario 3?!?

Theyellowflash302785d ago

Oh yeah thats what I'm thinking! a 3-D 2D/3D titles that fully supports customizable levels from street and spot pass dlc, achievements (in game of course) and tons of content!

limewax2785d ago

I hate to say it but... I hope not, My GF would be so mad, She loves mario, but she doesnt really want the 3ds because, well epilepsy + 3ds = disaster

Whatever it is, I hope we get it on the wii as well again

Myst2785d ago

Quite intrigued I must say. Now I have the urge to play 3

Perjoss2785d ago

3 was pretty damn amazing considering it was on the NES

Myst2785d ago

Yeah and I just saw the AVGN video for it yesterday so it got me thinking about playing it again.

MrKingofVideoGames2785d ago

Interesting... the 2 screenshots on the left look 3D (like Mario 64, Galaxy) while the 2 on the right have a "2.5D" type thing.

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