Evil Avatar's Shotgun 107: Our Backs Hurt

Hey everybody! Tonight we’ve got a quick show with two crippled hosts as Modeps, Pwnophobia, and Kragg get you up to date on what they’ve been playing. First Kragg gives a quick review of Killzone 3, and then Pwnophobia talks a bit about Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Is it better than Super Street Fighter 4? Not sure, but we learn not to pick up the Xbox 360 while it’s spinning inside. Then Modeps and Kragg talk a little more about their new found addiction to Rift. “Head Start” began last week and the servers are fully inundated with millions of MMO junkies. Finally, Modeps lets us know that one game he won’t be playing much of is De Blob 2, which is apparently a repetitive nightmare of colors and jazz fusion. Or maybe it’s just a bad acid trip… All this, your emails, and weekly releases on this weeks Shotgun!

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