Last Guardian demo 'being considered' for Ico/SotC Collection

This spring's Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection could come with a demo for The Last Guardian.

That's according to Team Ico head Fumito Ueda, who was asked abot the possibility during a GDC demo of The Last Guardian.

"We're considering it," he told 1UP, "but we haven't come to a conclusion."

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remanutd552786d ago

being considered? man i would go nuts if it happens

Godmars2902786d ago

What? You wouldn't be upset that you'd have to buy two other games just for the opportunity to play a demo?


UnwanteDreamz2786d ago

No one has to buy the collection, they get the opportunity to buy it.

I was already sold so this would be a bonus.

limewax2786d ago

No I wouldnt, because im buying the collection anyway, its a bonus for fans. If you dont want the collection you may get a demo later anyway. No offence but also I reckon it takes a bit of an idiot to buy a game for a demo

AssassinHD2786d ago

Yeah I understand it is about the principle and all, but since I am getting the ICO collection on day one anyway I don't really care.

FailOverHero2786d ago

Considered? What is there to consider?? Put it in there and make people happy!

VonBraunschweigg2786d ago

Well look at that, a new low in gamingforums, trolling thieves openly demanding more loot. Just wait for your torrent Pumba.

fredfenster2786d ago

So, I thought Ico & SotC Collection wasn't coming out until autumn or something.


Me too and it's double good news.

I don't remember many games having demos any much before 3 months release. Team Ico Collection coming in the spring with a TLG demo pretty much confirms the later shall release in this Summer or early Fall (between June and September).

blackburn52786d ago

Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand times YES!!!!!!!!

pcz2786d ago

i hear the japanese version of this collection will be sold separately.. so you have disk/manual/cases for each game. as opposed to the one disk collection with both games on we will get here.

i prefer the two disk. will the japan disks work on a uk ps3?

sam22362786d ago

Yeah, they will. PS3 is region free.

Was playing the GoW Collection and Siren before they were released here in Ireland.

pcz2786d ago

Thats good then, thank you :)

now i just hope they have english manuals :l

Kishin2786d ago


PS3 is region free for games.

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The story is too old to be commented.