Halo 3.5 Conspiracy Theory... 'Halo 3 Expansion: The Arbiter'?

Gaming Today's Shawn reports a speculation that he could actually see happening:

Mark Methenitis puts forth an interesting theory in his latest "Law of the Game" entry. He gives an intriguing explanation of why Bungie dropped the Arbiter story line and players weren't able to play the Arbiter. This has been a complaint in several reviews. Methenitis believes or at least hopes that Bungie will release a Halo 3.5, Halo 3-2 or Halo 3 Directors cut:

"The storyline will basically be the Arbiter's cannon story during the activities of Halo 3, filling in all the gaps of absence in the Chief's escapade. And after all, why not? It would only be addition to the story, which would take a comparatively small development time."

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snoop_dizzle4036d ago

becasue if you watch the thing after the credits, it almost sounds like there could be a sequel. I'm not going to say anything else but thats it. You know what i mean if you saw that part though i could be reading too much into it.

JsonHenry4035d ago

IMO the Arbitor is a more appealing story of heriosm than the Master Chiefs.

He searches for the truth. When he finds it leaves him empty because all of his beliefs are wrong. Everything he has based his life and honor on are false. Yet instead of ignoring the new life he is facing he chooses to act on it. He reforms a new faction and leads ahead to help those he used to dispise.

The Arbitor IMO is the better of the two hereos. Master Chief is simply a soldier doing what he is paid to do. Of course he is a brave and hard as nails soldier, but the Arbitor has a LOT more to him than being in a green suit and blowing stuff up.

Fezthebest4035d ago

I like the idea of the arbiter being the hero very much, thank you for that insightful post, really. I've neer thought of that at all, now everytime i see MC i can't look at him being the great hero he is anymore, but Bubbles for you it was great.

Komrad4036d ago

there is no reason for NOT making halo 4. with or without the ending thing...

AngryTypingGuy4035d ago

There will be more Halo's. After all, it's the flagship title, and the most popular video game franchise over the last two generations. I'm guessing that the story will be changed for the next one though.

Bnet3434036d ago

But I would be forced to buy this ... it's Halo! :(

ShiftyLookingCow4036d ago

and makes good sandwiches too

Jdash244036d ago

and awesome curly fries

babyhand4036d ago

Understand that just because it was the last Halo that, It has nothing to do with Master Chief have more adventures as the title to the game is about the "Halo Rings"! The game isn't called Master chief. I believe there will be other adventures with the character in them. I believe this is something most people and gaming sites don't think about because they see the game as being about him. Just his adventures. Like books with different titles but the same character.

SE7EN4035d ago

Yea, and is called Marathon...a hole new adventure for Master Chief...

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