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Despite significant critical acclaim, 2003’s multi-format release of Beyond Good & Evil received what has been suggested to have been a lukewarm response from consumers. Originally intended to be the first release in a trilogy, plans for subsequent releases were reportedly put on hold after the poor performance of the original title. However, as with many games now considered to be unique and enjoyable experiences with hindsight, Beyond Good & Evil has since become something of a cult classic, and it’s re-release today on the Xbox LIVE Arcade (coming soon to PlayStation Network) as Beyond Good & Evil HD is surely designed to test the waters for that frequently on/off sequel the fans are clamouring for.

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clearelite2785d ago

Sweet, I haven't played it yet. Can't wait until it comes to PSN so I can try it in HD.

SaiyanFury2785d ago

Agreed, my Xbox 360 hasn't been internet connected in months, and I'm not paying a hundred bucks for Microsoft's proprietary adapter. My wireless bridge died and I ain't paying a crapload of money for another. I think MS botched it big by not including wireless in the 360. Now that only my PS3 is connected I have access to PSN. When and if BG&E comes to PS Store I will pounce on it in an instant. Until then, I'm unable to play it.

Zashule2785d ago

I don't get their rating system. How can (6+5+5+9)/40 = 83% as compared to 63% it normally would be?

Brash_Attack2785d ago

We're gamers. We don't math!

kevco332785d ago

Read the score interpretation page. The final score is an independant rating.