Mystery: Sony Teases With SonyDrive

Gizmodo reports:

It's hard to tell what this SonyDrive website is, partially because it's in Japanese, and partially because the product doesn't really look like anything we'd use. Judging from what's behind the bow, this can either be an industrial paper cutter, a 1980s electric typewriter, a gigantic notebook that can withstand a nuclear explosion, a scale for dogs, the PlayStation 4, the ashes of former PlayStation chief Kutaragi, a new MiniDisc Macro, a Bravia TV Shuffle, a Green-Ray movie player, the actual ending to Halo 3, or something we might actually buy. We'll see!

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Arkham4041d ago

I wonder if it's a media center, possibly along the lines of a LocationFree TV/AppleTV/TiVO unit. I'll hold off on that LocationFree TV until I find out, though. :)

ktchong4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Sony to launch its own media center, which will work with PS3 and other Sony PCs and devices, to directly compete against Microsoft's Windows Media Center Extender (which works with Windows Vista and Xbox 360) and Apple TV (which works with Mac and iPod).

Apple will be dead in this race, simply because Apple's media center will not survive on iPod alone and without a console or any extra multimedia funtionality to support it.

PimpHandHappy4041d ago

i have like 600 songs on my PS3 and i wish i could play them while i am looking around the store or just messing around with my PSN crossbar. I would like to start up my PS3 and have my songs playing. That would be a nice feature to add to my PS3. I got the wallpaper and all i need now is the music.

MK_Red4041d ago

Good find.

"the PlayStation 4, the ashes of former PlayStation chief Kutaragi, the actual ending to Halo 3"
It's absolutly one of those.

felman874041d ago

I hope it's the ending to halo 3

neogeo4041d ago

Lets get a good Halo ending from Sony?

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