PC vs. Consoles - Crysis 2 Demo Graphics Comparison - PC not much ahead!

PCG compares the graphics of the PC and Xbox 360 version of Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo. Surprise: PC is not that much ahead! Check the screenshots after the jump! Hint: Click on "Bild in Originalgröße" to see the actual 720p size.

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josh143992791d ago

i've played the 360 version and the pc version on max settings. The pc version just looks better but thats obvious. The game looks surprisingly good for console the only thing i dont like is some things like plants pop into the screen.

TheOldOne2790d ago

Crytek said that Crysis 2 “Taps Every Last Ounce Of Console Power”


evrfighter2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

It was just confirmed yesterday that Crysis 2 was built for consoles first with pc being the afterthought.

Don't expect much when that happens.

Add Crysis to the list of franchises that have become infected with Consolitus.

The germ is spreading. Only a couple franchises are left that are still immune...for now

turgore2790d ago

not really....they did say Kingdoms will use all the power of the 360 and crysis 2 wont cuz its multiplat.

Pixelated_Army2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Just look at all those jaggies in the 360 version. haha Nice job on dumbing down of your game MS/Xbox they need to die a slow and painful death.

inveni02790d ago

Crytek's reputation is ruined, imo. Battlefield 3 is gonna launch, and Crytek will be dethroned. They must be pretty bummed.

nickjkl2790d ago

pc demo is direct x 9 only

pc demo has locked settings

and then people started rumours about crysis 2 now eveybody is talking and dont know what there talking about

the only thing we know is the demo is direct x 9 and press start to play thats about it

remember now direct x 9 used shader 3.0 and direct x 11 uses shader 5.0

paintsville2790d ago

"Crytek said that Crysis 2 “Taps Every Last Ounce Of Console Power” That would explain why 360 runs Crysis2 so much better than PS3. 360's superior architecture gives it the clear advantage that we've seen over and over since it's release. I'm just glad that Crytek didn't dumb down the 360 version because of ps3's problems of trying to keep up the frame rates. Go Crytek.

Kazu0 Hirai2790d ago

Yes, the PC demo is dx 9 only. The final release version is also DX9 only. Crysis 2 is using older tech than even Crysis which is 4 years old.

Crysis 2 was made with consoles being priority and left PC gamers out in the cold after we were the only ones that supported crytek with the first game and made the sequel possible.

That is why PC gamers are angry.

nickjkl2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

we dont know kaz

thats the whole point your just assuming everything is uncomfirmed at the moment its all speculation i guess you dont understand that

until the game drops nothing is confirmed

Kazu0 Hirai2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

no, actually everything I said has been confirmed.

Think about it, do a side by side comparison, crysis looks way better, way more photo-realistic than crysis 2. consoles are destroying gaming. are you really that blind?

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it does look good, 3D is a let down though

ELite_Ghost2790d ago

what's with the contrast settings?

theonlylolking2790d ago

I noticed that too. The 360 seems really dark and the PC is washed out.

hiredhelp2790d ago

yeh if anyone is gonna compare to pc. they need to rethink before posting and follow a few simple rules. on the pc front.


Baka-akaB2790d ago

Seriously yeah that's idiotic . Whden you say "the pc" specify a config or at least rank them among tiers from low end to high end .

RBLAZE19882790d ago

The 360 has a setting on automatically that makes every game darker and more cobtrast heavy when using hdmi. It's like rgb full on ps3 but it is on automatically. I think pc gamers were expecting an entirely different game. You guys get better effects, better textures, higher resolution and 60fps and dx11 down the line which will further upgrade the visuals. you guys should be happy, from what i saw on youtube from the leak the game looks and plays magnificent.

sourav932790d ago

Umm...I don't think you know exactly what rgb full on the ps3 does. RGB full, if your tv supports it, displays a colour range of 0 to 255. Normally, it would be from 16 to 235. So you get a wider range.

If you turn the setting on, of course at first the screen will become darker, but that is because you haven't calibrated your tv's brightness and contrast yet. When calibrated, the brightness will more or less be the same as original, only difference is you will get greater detail from your blacks.

You can download a file which is an image file to help you for your brightness and contrast calibration when the full rgb setting is on. More details on this website:

Although this post is not much on topic, I just thought it would be beneficial if I cleared your misunderstanding. Peace.

Baka-akaB2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

yup rbg full doesnt make anything darker .

It is darker because your tv doesnt support it . So the black get crushed along with some details .

Wich is why it's weird to always see people advice to always tick on FULL RGB . Plenty tvs dont always support it and limited rgb is mostly limited in name anyway .

RBLAZE19882790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I know what it does. My old tv used to get crushed blacks but my new tv has the setting for black level so i don't need to use rgb full. I was talking about the 360. I'm guessing they had the setting on and it is why the picture is way more contrasted and a bit crushed in the black department. What you guys said is true but i was just saying i think they captured it with that setting.

chak_2790d ago

Not much ahead because crytek are some lazy asses.

Not option for graphics, no way to tweak much, not even DX10/11.

Seriously crytek, WTF.

awiseman2790d ago

Their locked fool. Its a beta/demo The full options will be available after release and Dx11 will be available in a patch.

This is not Crytek's fault, its EGAY's for rushing the project.

chak_2790d ago

A patch for DX11 lol

Tesslation and all are not something you make in a week and give as a patch. It should have been part of the full game from scratch.

NateCole2790d ago

Well yes its a let down but i think this is just another example of PC games being compromised because of consoles.

This is why i never ever liked it when PC games goes multi or any other exclusive for that matter.

While this is dissapointing i am still getting it because it will still be one of the best FPS this year.

For PC this year my hopes are pinned on The Witcher 2.

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