Will there be a Dragon Age III? Bioware answers.

Mike Laidlaw is the executive producer for Dragon Age II. At the end of last month publisher EA flew him over to Britain to be part of Gamesblog Live at the Guardian’s offices in London. An event where he and the project leaders of Crytek 2, and Need for Speed Shift 2 sat and discussed various aspects of developing their games.

Afterwards I got the chance to have a brief chat with Mike Laidlaw. He was friendly, passionate about his development team’s game that had just gone gold and more than eager to talk about it’s great new features some more. So what did I do? I asked him “Is there going to be a Dragon Age III?”

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shadowknight2032812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

THIS IS SUCH GARBAGE PIECE OF TRASH. Who would write something so minuscule and call it newsworthy. I mean of course there's more story to tell, there will always be story to tell so long as the bucks roll in.

Mr Pumblechook2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

There are probably non-disclosure agreements that stop him from making a full reveal. Big announcements are normally saved for E3. As a fan of Dragon Age his answer is EXCELLENT NEWS! I can't wait to play more stories.

chak_2811d ago

If they dumb it down even more it will release on wii and facebook.

Stop making so-called RPG bioware, please.

RedDead2811d ago

Monster Hunter tri is one of the most hardcore Rpgs this gen...

I agree though

Agent VX2811d ago

Yeap... Where are games like Baldurs Gate??? I have played the demo for DA2, and it is getting more and more mainstream all the time.

Really sad, and I mostly blame EA's purchase for this, it's not about the quality of game, but about how much money you make.

For business... its mostly good, for gamers... it's mostly bad.

NYC_Gamer2811d ago

its ashame how greed can change studios

Agent VX2811d ago

We will have to look for smaller developers I guess. The Smaller developers usually still have some what of a soul, while the large developers just think of $$$.

I fear that Bioware, that always has been one of my favorite studios, just is getting to big. And having a company like EA barking out orders, the good old BioWare of the past is Dead.

2811d ago
NYC_Gamer2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

i might have to look else where for my rpg needs

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