Video Glimpse of Haunted Majora's Mask Video Game

The Game Effect: You may remember last September when a certain Creepypasta caught the attention of Zelda fans, and the Internet at large, after posting a detailed story surrounding the fabled Haunted Majora's Mask cartridge. The YouTube videos were linked to an account under the name Jadusable, and his site t has been carrying on the ARG from there. Well, at least it had been. Now the site links to another called Within Hubris. Jad has been working on a videogame component to his story for about five months, and the newest video posted to his account "h b i s r ea l" looks like it may be our first glimpse of what to expect from it. There's a lot of speculation as to whose house this is and what's going on, and if you find your curiosity piqued by it, the Jadusable Wiki has a ton of information you may find interesting. The discussion is also being persisted over at Within Hubris, too.

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INehalemEXI2839d ago

That mask is fing creepy.

HolyOrangeCows2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Those videos were intriguing (Even if the background story to the "haunted cartridge" was obviously BS), but then they never went anywhere.

That's the problem with these cryptic stories. Like that YT video series "MarbleHornets"; it was cool and creepy at first but then they just didn't go anywhere with it.

ephellstrom2839d ago

It will definitely be interesting to see how an actual game will handle everything. There's not supposed to be any "jump-scare" tactics in the game, so I wonder what exactly is going to make the player afraid.

fatstarr2839d ago

o.o i just put like 30 mins of my life into this.

ephellstrom2839d ago

lol. It happens. Thank god the old guestbook isn't still up at the old website; people posted the craziest links and theories that would take hours to research and comprehend.

xVeZx2839d ago

i read that whole thing lol....IMO i thought it was "believable" until BEN took over the computer lol then i was like ok this dude is running out of ideas....