Sequels We'd Like to Hear More About: Borderlands 2

Matt Randisi writes, "Gearbox did a fantastic job of reinvigorating the concept of grinding by incorporating a satisfying necessity for teamwork and coordination with combat. Borderlands featured four different characters with expertise in very distinct and differentiating disciplines. Players who lean more toward the side of balance and support can play as Roland the soldier, who can replenish the team’s health, offer offensive and defensive boosts, and offer temporary cover in a wide open area; whereas the more innate death dealers can play as Lilith the Siren who can be built for maximum DPS or massive spike damage. The real beauty of the game comes out when you combine efforts with three good friends and discover all the ways you can act in cohesion with one another to bring down enemy mobs of all levels. Each character’s skill tree can be re-speced for a price as well, so one team can explore a multitude of tactics throughout the journey."

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wallis2879d ago

If anyones interested gearbox recently trademarked "borderworlds"

Quagmire2879d ago

He was joking, wasnt he? Im sure he said in a statement that he hoped no one would take it seriously, shooting down rumours of a sequel in development.

Although, I would like to see a sequel

Jrip232879d ago

Not quite sure how I feel about "Borderworlds" if they use that title. But as long as we get a second game i'll be happy.

astrobrights2879d ago

I definitely enjoyed Borderlands quite a bit. I really hope the second game comes out in the next year or so.