Find Makarov: Stunning Modern Warfare Live-Action Trailer Released

After countless speculation in forums and comments sections across the web, the Call of Duty countdown has revealed a fantastic live-action trailer based on the Modern Warfare universe.

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joinsideke2786d ago

I hate CoD, but this had me on full alert.

BigWoopMagazine2786d ago

Ditto on that. That was pretty badass. I remember being really pissed at MW2 for ending it at 5 hours in, without us actually hunting down Makarov. There should have been another 5 hours for that.

doctorstrange2786d ago

For such a big game, it should have been far longer

Crazyglues2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

@ joinsideke -Yes I know what you mean and wow..

OMG!! that was Awesome... I loved that, made me remember all the good times I had in COD4.. I must say I did enjoy that game.. It was Awesome when it first came out...

These were some Epic Moments in Gaming, I remember when I was first playing, I loved everything about it -the story was Awesome...

Moments like when he throws the gun to you and you have to take that killer shot... just epic

COD4 was Awesome.. I just hope Respawn it working on a Master Piece

This Real Life Trailer was Awesome, Nice Job -Done So Well...


NJShadow2786d ago

Oh... my... FRICK.

That was absolutely amazing.

perfectCarbonara2786d ago

I would totally watch a Modern Warfare movie in first person.

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The story is too old to be commented.