A Talk With Mike Laidlaw, Lead Designer for Dragon Age 2

"This morning I had the chance to sit in on a round table discussion about Dragon Age 2 with lead designer Mike Laidlaw. The audio from the discussion isn’t really worth posting since it’s long, full of pauses, and sounds like a low quality Skype call. Instead, I’ll do my best to fill you in on the important stuff that you actually want to know about."- Bedivere

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NYC_Gamer2878d ago

so this choice of gameplay was just to get more sales

InstantKarma2877d ago

Well, if the gameplay gets better, wouldnt that mean they'd get more sales anyway?

Baka-akaB2877d ago

yeah usually they make those choices for less sales

AmigoSniped2878d ago

I wsh I had been able to attend but I'm glad Bedivere took such great notes.

eccothedolphin72877d ago

They are trying to try strike a healthy balance between getting new fans, and keeping old fans happy.

maxcavsm2877d ago

So, after trashing the demo, get a little better feeling about this one?

eccothedolphin72877d ago

I still hate the demo, but I got the impression that the demo is a bad representation of the full game. I still think it has the chance to tell an amazing story, even if some of the mechanics are crap, and it looks terrible.

It might not be as good as origins, but it still might be a decent game, even if it is dumbed down for contards.

MajestieBeast2877d ago

Pc version for me the console demo felt like a half assed hack and slash just smash X till another attack becomes availble.

tommyth3cat2877d ago

Yeah I was annoyed after I played the PC demo with a nice auto attack feature and found it not present on the 360 demo...

I don't want to press A 5,000 times to kill things I want to chose a target and unleash some cool looking auto attack combos, which I really do like that they added, makes combat feel less stale.

Tuxedo_Mask2877d ago

They wanted a game that people who played mostly shooters could pick up and enjoy? Do they really think people who play mostly shooters will even give this game a second glance? I'm going to give DA2 a shot, no pun intended, but I'm getting sick of this idea of inclusiveness we've been seeing this gen. Not everyone plays the same games so I wish they'd stop trying to pander to people who aren't even in their audience.