Media Create hardware sales (2/21 – 2/27) – 3DS data

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan and offers first week sales data for the 3DS.

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gunnerforlife2880d ago

wow thats alot of units sold for the 3DS
can some1 put up a comparison chart with the first week sales of the DS and PSP(gotta go work so cant do it myself), i just wana see how good its done compared to them 2.

NiKK_4192880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

dont know about psp, but ds sold over 500,000 in it's first week

dang, last week the 360 just barely sold more than the ps2, and the psp go sold more

MaideninBlack2880d ago

Don't know about 1st week sales but here're 4 days sales of the PSP(s) in Japan.

PSP (12/12/2004, 4 days) - 166,074
PSP-2000 (9/27/2007, 4 days) - 250,702
PSP-3000 (10/16/2008, 4 days) - 141,270

SB_tanker2880d ago

I'm highly expecting Ninty to discontinue the DS Lite very, VERY soon now.

SpitFireAce852879d ago

Great numbers for the 3DS...