Battlefield 3 Will 'Still Look Good On Consoles'

NowGamer: DICE Art Director Gustav Tilleby has said that upcoming military shooter Battlefield 3 will have ground-breaking visuals on consoles as well as PC...


Exec producer Patrick Bach comments added: "I can promise you that the console versions will still look amazing because of the core technology..."

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LOGICWINS2790d ago

Glad to hear...I just hope that EA doesn't announce Bad Company 3 in March or something.

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I_find_it_funny2790d ago

great, because I don't have gaming PC

skyward2790d ago

Not sure why EA's persisting with MoH - this'll do nicely thankyouverymuch

ivant2789d ago

MoH provides a mainly ground based confined fighting similar to CoD. Plus they might get it right next time...fingers crossed.

Battlefield brings the complete battle experience land/air/maybe sea with huge maps and a wide assortment of vehicles.

DigitalAnalog2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Crytek bragged about their 3D with a similar tone. No doubt it would look great on consoles, but they should put the money where their mouth is - stick to promoting the PC version of the game and you wouldn't be under scrutiny as the "other" 3rd party devs.

-End statement

Tripl3seis2790d ago

I have faith in them is dice we are talking about here they can pull it off.

Kon2790d ago

Battlefield... On consoles... WHY? WHY??

RedRedSuitSDF2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Because console games sell a hell of a lot more than PC games do. Fact.

guigsy2790d ago

It's been on consoles since 2005, it shouldn't come as a shock six years later.

diehardgamer10002789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

pc elitists shld shut tha fuck up,cz half of the time they don' buy the games,they pirate the games.i juss thnk most of these devs tht develop for pc's are doing so bcz the platform is much more powerful and they don hv to worry abt resources.Here in south africa pc versions of a game are much cheaper(and in general all the pc games),but pc gamers still play cracked versions.i don see why EA cant gv the experience to everyone in-order to plz a group of fans who don even but the game in the first place.

wenaldy2789d ago

Typical Bleach-tard...

ivant2789d ago

Because this gen of consoles can deliver

I've been enjoying the closest thing to the chaotic Battlefield experience on my Ps3 for the last 3 years....WARHAWK.

Hell, Warhawk could have easily been switched to a FPS, with "Modern Warfare" environments, kit, weapons and vehicles and would have destroyed MW2 and been a true teaser of what the B3 should be like.

Looking forward to the Battlefield 3 experience on my little old console.

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