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"It’s been over four years since the last installment in the Test Drive series, and this time around, Atari is giving Eden Games a go at attempting to create the ultimate open-world racer. Have they succeeded, and more-so, will this game be worth your hard earned dollars? Let’s take a look!"

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NJShadow2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

I can't believe IGN gave this a 5.5/10. >.<

I hated this game at first, but ended up loving it. I'm left thinking that IGN definitely didn't spend enough time with it. I mean, Gamespot's review, or this one, is much more informative and detailed.

That said, I played this game for hours on end... and barely scratched the surface! The bugs can get annoying at times, but the fun-factor really overshadows them.

Kon2791d ago

I played for more than 60 hours, i got the Pagani Zonda Roadster F and the Koenigsegg ccxr. This game is very fun, but after a while it just gets boring.

BigWoopMagazine2791d ago

Looks like a huge game. It's a shame I have so much other racing to do already.

JonnyBigBoss2791d ago

This game actually looks pretty good.

NJShadow2791d ago

Oh, it is. The guy from Classic Game Room HD had a pretty darn good review as well. Funny AND informative! ^_^