Motorstorm Apocalypse Beta-Gameplay Footage

First game footage of the private Beta from Motorstorm Apocalypse has leaked.

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Kon2787d ago

Nice. Very Nice. But the low quality video ruined it.

remanutd552787d ago

LUNATICS UNITE!!! EVO better gimme an explanation why i wasnt being invited to the close beta , bah

GiggMan2787d ago

If you can play better than this guy, I agree that you should have been invited...

Seriously he hit a ramp and jumped directly into a building lol.

GamerSciz2787d ago

I personally liked the part in the beginning where he sees everyone crashing into the wall and decides "Hey that looks like fun" and does the same...All the same game is preordered.

NiteX2787d ago

Wow now thats what I call a crotch rocket!

Close_Second2787d ago

The track looks great albeit a little short. Where are the great physics from the first one? I mean, crash in the first one and you get a fantastic slow of the crash with pieces flying everywhere.

Focker4202787d ago

Only in single player, they don't do slo-mo for the online.

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