Shenmue – Better Late Than Never?

Critical Gamer writes: We all have holes in our gaming library, some more notable than others. A title passes us by and before we know it we are onto a new generation, too busy playing our contemporary games to lavish attention on acclaimed relics, especially when they haven’t been given the HD, downloadable make-over. Most of my absent classics are Nintendo, and to this day my eyes glaze over when friends reminisce about Mario or Zelda. But the most glaring omission, one that has been troubling me for some time, is Shenmue.

For years I have listened keenly to gamers wax lyrically about Yu Suzuki’s ahead-of-its-time adventure. Trying to keep pace and save face I often resorted to my lone Shenmue fact to try to legitimize my presence in any Shenmue conversation – “Good point, but did you know that Suzuki initially envisioned Shenmue as a Virtual Fighter origins story?” Once I had blurted out that little gem, I would try my hardest to steer the conversation back to Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted or some other shared experience.

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Fillytase2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

"Should I bother sampling Zelda for the first time so far removed from its heralded debut?"

Yes. Yes you should. At the very least, try Ocarina of Time, though I prefer Wind Waker myself and Twilight Princess is good too. If you think you'll be put off by the comparatively bad graphics (they don't bother me but I grew up on Zelda too), you can try the 3D remake on 3DS. But the dialogue is still cute and comical even today. The story and characters are timeless. If you want more of a challenge, the Master Quest version's puzzles are supposed to be a bit harder.

Your experience with Shenmue is why I usually stay away from old "classics" that I missed at launch.

scruffy_bear2788d ago

Love Shenmue, wish Sega would finish the series