Infinity Blade: new content update incoming

Chair Entertainment’s confirmed that Infinity Blade is to get a new content update soon, and has also told a GDC crowd that the iOS game took five months to make. Chair creative director Donald Mustard said the concept for IB was done via a six-person team at the studio during a pitching process that saw 30 pitches come in daily for two weeks.
“This proved to be one of the most valuable exercises we’d ever done,” said Mustard.
“What it does is allow us as a team to constantly be talking about new game ideas that we want to create. It’s one of our most effective tools.”

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Oblivion002789d ago

Infinty Blade is an awesome app for the iphone, even though ive only played it once, this game should come out on the ps3 or 360, but personally i would ps3 =)