New Dark Souls scans/pics

Check out some impressive new images of Dark Souls from this week's Famitsu.

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limewax2877d ago

Very looking forward to it. Just hope for a bit more armour customisation this time. It may just be me not fully understanding it, but armour choices seemed lacking compared to weapons in demons souls

DragonKnight2877d ago

You're right. There were really only 3 sets of armor to go by. The Dark Silver/Dull Gold set for Magic defense. The Brushwood Set which claimed to be for fire defense was actually for physical defense. The Ancient King/Binded set was for fire defense and was the lightest of the 3. Any other set was pretty much pointless as plague resistance and poison resistance really isn't much of an issue with the right grasses or spells.

JoySticksFTW2875d ago

But Thief set looked too cool :)

I either started Thf or jumped right into the armor as soon as I find it with other characters regardless of defensive strength.

RedDead2877d ago

Can't believe how many great Rpg's we get this yea. Demons souls was my GotY when it came out. Now I get it's spiritual sequel, Skyrim, The witcher 2, Diablo and a few more, each one of these game's would likely get my GotY if they weren't coming out in the same year. Now i'll just have my Rpg's of the year. I ain't even gonna pit them against each other.

Stealth20k2877d ago

your missing a metric ton of rpgs like all the handheld ones (ios,ds,psp,3ds)

my rpg of the year will either be disgaea 4 or legend of heroes vi part 1

midgard2272877d ago

gonna be my game of the year

Lirky2877d ago

Hope the character creation is in depth.

Masterchef20072877d ago

Im sure they wont screw up the PS3 version. So no worrys when buying this for the PS3.