inFamous 2 - New Screnshots

Eurogamer published some new screenshots from inFamous 2.

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TheHater2790d ago

Lighting and Fire it is. That just look too badass

crxss2790d ago

Since they did a redesign for Cole why stop there? The fire and ice chicks are both ugly as hell.... *sigh*....

Cloudberry2790d ago

Cole's turned into Super Saiyan over 9000...

Mandaspt2790d ago

One of the big games for this year.

trainsinrdr2790d ago

i still havnt played infamous its been sitting on my shelf for months

theunleashed642790d ago

this has to be officially one of the best looking open world game in my opinion.

MidnytRain2790d ago

It'll be running up against Skyrim. This ought to be good.

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