Find Makarov confirmed as fan-made Modern Warfare film

With under 90 minutes left to go, Find Makarov site has changed once again to now feature a white colour scheme along with...

EDIT: The countdown has ended and the page now redirects to the following YouTube video which is a trailer for a fan-made Call of Duty film with impressive looking special effects and dodgy British voice acting.

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lugia 40002786d ago

Already at 0. Nothing happens.

tdogg060519912786d ago

Servers are insane and down

awiseman2786d ago

Yea that was a pretty lame hoax. I tweaked my system time last night and the timer just went to 0 and nothing happened.

--------2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

And nothing happens. Now it can't find the server at the site.

EDIT: Managed to connect to the site again, and as the article says it links to a YouTube video of a fanmade movie trailer for Modern Warfare - it was nothing special.

LightSamus2786d ago

Countdown has ended and it now links to a fan-movie trailer. Looks good though.

Thrungus2786d ago

That must of cost some dollar.

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The story is too old to be commented.