Modern Warfare 3: New engine 'would be counter productive' - Infinity Ward

Developer says it still has "a great team" and it's "working on a great project"

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wwm0nkey4743d ago

And this is why Battlefield 3 just won.

jizzyjones4743d ago

Bf3 will be superior regardless of whatever activision can come up with, but that wont stop people buying COD.

wwm0nkey4743d ago

I don't know about that. I have seen a lot of hype build up around Battlefield 3 recently. A lot of people are talking about it and its spreading.

Zir04743d ago

Yeah COD will still dominate, the brand is just too strong now. Unless EA can do an ad campaign bigger than Activision they don't stand much of a chance converting the casual COD crowd.

And we haven't seen BF3 on consoles yet, it could look as bad as COD as it's clear they are focusing on the PC version.

limewax4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

The Nerve of these guys. They are the biggest selling franchise yet they cant afford to work on an engine or give dedicated servers. This is really low. Every other game company can do it but them apparently.

Cant see CoD being here next gen if they stick with that attitude

claterz4743d ago

@limewax, why would they make a new engine though? Like you said they are already the owners of the best selling franchise, and they did that without making a new engine. As long as people continue to buy Call of Duty games, they won't change a thing, because they obviously don't need too.

guigsy4743d ago

To me the Battlefield 3 trailer has the same wow factor as the first COD4 trailer did back in 2007.

MostJadedGamer4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Actually all things eventually come to and end. I wouldn't at all be surprised if MW3 had a MASSIVE drop in sales

Casual fans can easily become bored, and leave the COD franchise in massive droves. Activision is playing a very dangerous game.

DeadlyFire4743d ago

The backbone of CoD is Infinity Ward. It is gone. Game might still turn out okay, but it will always suffer for not having that team on board.

sikbeta4743d ago

"Modern Warfare 3: New engine would be counter productive" = why spend money improving the game if teh CODz sell millions with loads of glitches and bugs and nobody seems to care about... XD

hay4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Actually it's good marketing decision. They built the franchise, it's selling like a dream so they can reduce the budget for some titles, make them disappointing, they will still sell.
When customers will stop being happy with the sh!t they shove down their troats, they'll make better game and it'll be all over again.
Unless they fail the last step which will mean no more CoDs for few years.

I'm pretty sure Square did the same thing with FF13.

But this means they treat gamers as wallets. Nothing more.

limewax4743d ago

lol what? I will admit square messed up with FFXIII, but they did at least build a whole new engine thats multi-platform in the process. So now if they do mnage to make a decent game it will still feel up to date. CoD engine has been rehashed way too often, especially consdiring the CoD4 engine wasnt exactly miles above their previous outing.

The CoD engine progresses slowly as it is, the amount of time its been left at standstill means they have a LOT of catching up to do when they build a new engine.

Its an eventual bullet in the foot, People will get bored of playing the same game one day. CoD is going to fall out of attention for too long, when it does come back it will have lost its momentum, and although a return of the franchise will get hype they then would need to live up to it. They need to start working on a new engine soon to future proof the franchise

Inside_out4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

COD is the king of the hill until someone knocks them off. I know what COD is bringing to the table and Battlefield will need a major over haul if it wants to take that on. The problem with Battlefield is it's game play is antiquated. Nobody wants to fly around in a helo or drive a tank...not the 20+ million gamers on COD anyways.

I haven't seen anything from Battlefield that is new and wasn't there years ago. Going head to head with the explosive COD franchise will expose it's weakness. COD was made for today and the ADD gamer nation...just look at this...WoW...




EA and Dice can show all the high end PC game play they want...but eventually, they will have to show " real " game play and that's when it will get interesting. COD is a proven commodity selling tens of millions and logging BILLIONS of hours on-line and Battlefield, at this point, is nothing more than a copy cat right now. Even the trailers and cover art looks exactly like COD...O_o

The haters are so ignorant. Activision is milking the franchise???...then what the heck is EA and Dice doing. They are like chickens without a head. Battlefield 2 and MOH last year and here will are again with the same thing.

jeseth4743d ago

"would be counterproductive"

That means it would be too expensive and they wouldn't be able to milk this franchise every year.

Why improve? The sheep will continue to flock no matter whether they actually improve the series or not.

nickjkl4742d ago

if activision really cared and actually spent the money they get from sales they could of made one of the most spectacular looking games on both consoles

ABizzel14742d ago

That just goes to show, that IW's head people in charge and Activision are in it all for the money.

When you see someone up the ante, and you're supposedly the best you should be the first one step in and defend your crown.

BF3 from a technical standpoint, just crushed every COD game. I'm not saying they have to have a new engine, but they need to do something, and from what he says it seems like this will be another same old COD, with a slight twist. Whereas BF3 is evolving.

Liefx4742d ago

Personally, I'll be buying both.

ComboBreaker4742d ago

counter productive to the profits of Activision.

snipes1014742d ago

I too like BF more than COD however, when I have a bunch of friends over we play COD because it has some features that BF just doesn't. It has split screen off line mp so four of us can crowd around the tv and talk shit and it allows for guests on live. Dice, for whatever stubborn reason, has not had any of these features on any of their BF games so they are not going to win over any of the casual college dorm room players who just want to shoot shit with their friends. Again, I prefer BF but I can only play that with friends over live.

Pixelated_Army4742d ago

Counter productive to what, your bottom line? This just shows how incompetent Activision/IW/Treyarch/SH truly are. You're paying for the same old game and graphics over and over again. I'm going to pass on this mkay. ha-ha

NeutralGamer4742d ago

Long story short:

They dont want to make a new engine because it take years...

Yes it takes years but for the love of god I would rather wait 2 years to play an all new COD with new engine, rather than played another dumbed down COD this year with reused engine...

Dee_914742d ago

the respect I had for them just went into the negatives

DaTruth4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

COD is the McDonald's of gaming! Not really anything good, but millions buy it anyway!

EVILDEAD3604742d ago

So let's keep it 100% real

Spending 2-3 years building a new engine from scratch..before you start on your new game that won't even matter because in 2-3 years we will ALL be talking about 3 new consoles


Spend all of your resources building upon the existing engine and create the best game you possibly can, with all of the high prodution values that Call of Duty fans can expect.

IMO, After the Activision legal debacle and losing over 30 members of your team, it'll be a great success story to see Infinity Ward pull it off again..

We know the daily routine..the haters have been whining endlessly about the franchise since Kotick made his infamous PS3 comments..followed by the dedicated server announcement..

At the end of the day, no amount of hate and internet petitions could stop MW2 or Treyarchs' Black Ops.

Gamers offline could care less about internet fan kid politics that have people pretending daily that MW2 and Black Ops are the worst two games in the history of gaming.

I look forward to Battlefield 3 and all the rest of the shooters..but if I.W.'s overcomes the obstacles they've faced..MW3 is going to end up with another record year..even with stiff competition..

The plot thickens..


limewax4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Yeah the new consoles will be coming but it doesnt mean they cant be working on it. You have a massive company with no end of funds to tap, 3 individual dev companies. And with all that they cant find room to work a new engine WHILE churning out re-skinned games?

And new consoles incoming or not doesnt mean they need to wait, they can be building a base for the engine prepping it as more details about the new consoles reach them, meaning they would be able to release as fast as possible

Its an absolute joke, sorry if I come off as arrogant but I have only had a couple years small business experience yet still I could manage this better than activision are now, This is business basics at its best, future proofing. This is going to bite them in the ass one day I garuntee

chainer30004742d ago

Wow... we dont want a new engine because it would cost money and time, and we want to get a COD game every year, so no go!

Another reason why COD will eventually crash and burn - flood the market with your own product and you get Guitar Hero syndrome

deafwing4742d ago

the only thing i hope is that dice and company don't let this new found additional popularity get to their heads ... and then we go down the same path again

EVILDEAD3604742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

'And new consoles incoming or not doesnt mean they need to wait, they can be building a base for the engine prepping it as more details about the new consoles reach them, meaning they would be able to release as fast as possible'

Do you honestly think that they aren't working on new tech while they are working on this project..

They are simply talking about their next title..at this point there is no need to build an entirely new engine from the ground up..especially when developers prove time and time again that they learn more and more how to harness existing engine after every project

It's not the engine that makes or breaks a game..it's the experience...ask Rockstar after Red Dead...

Ask the world did Batman: AA turn out to be a horiible game because a bunch of internet backseat drivers keep screaming that the Unreal engine should be destroyed..

In the flipside, Ask Remedy how much time and money it cost them when they scrapped their original engine and build an entirely new one for Alan Wake.

Again, building a great game should be their priority..the new engines will obviuosly come down the line..

TruthSeeker4742d ago

All COD "HAS" is a mindless legion of fans who who have low expectations for what a GOOD game should be.

Kevin ButIer4742d ago

Oh god u got to hate this m... f... they are drowning in money thaks to COD and they dont even want to spend time on a new engine... god...

Im all yours BF3

NukaCola4742d ago


Here have a INTELLIGENT, so you can get another bubbble. You just spoke the words that made Bobby Kotick finally realize 'rehash' is not a good word.

awi59514742d ago

Who are they trying to fool all the talent left with the founders lol. Treyarch has been living off of the real makers of call of duty and they all got fired or left. They have to use they same engine they dont have the talent to make their own lol.