How Battlefield 3 will blow CoD out of the water

Battlefield 3's new 'Fault Lines' trailer is released, demonstrating DICE's stunning new Frostbite 2.0 technology. FPS Tribe look at how the game is shaping up to swipe CoD's FPS crown | FPS Tribe

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Jio2882d ago

Battlefield 3=good
Call of Duty: Cash Cow=bad

Trunkz Jr2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

CoD has become the Smackdown vs Raw of FPS, how sad.

BF3 is already looking to be a quality product.

CoD won't even change their engine... Even if they sell more, their games still tastes like burnt toast and only the fanboys will enjoy their burnt toast while the rest of us will be enjoying a quality sandwich.

I won't touch another CoD until they change their engine, they made that quality sandwich 4 years ago, their still serving it so now it's become moldy and bitter...

captain-obvious2882d ago

You hungry ??

but i agree with you

joydestroy2882d ago

i'm pretty excited for this game. will likely pick this up on PC too

ATiElite2882d ago

1. It's Battlefield, to me the BF series has always been better than COD. don't get me wrong cause COD 1 2 and MW1 are classics but BF took it to the next level every time.

2. how BF3 will blow COD out the water? easy just watch the video.

Warning you will wet yourself with many different bodily fluids so take cation as towels are not provided with this footage. I'm not responsible for ruined PC's. Enjoy

NoobJobz2882d ago

of course it will blow CoD out of the water gameplay wise. that wont be very hard to do.

however, it will be interesting to see if the nubs all rush out to buy CoD and it still kills B3 in sales.

I for one hope that this is the year CoD doesnt sell at all.

rob_gamestribe2882d ago

Agreed - that's going to be the biggest issue I reckon. MW3 will still sell like hot cakes, even if it turns out to be shite.

LOGICWINS2882d ago

I disagree. I think COD fans should just stick with COD. There are STILL too many noobs(a lot of the are COD players) on Bad Company 2.

rob_gamestribe2882d ago

Really? How does a 'CoD noob' play BC2 differently than a Battlefield veteran? - and I'm not just talking about skill. Not arguing, just interested in your thoughts.

limewax2882d ago

tend to run and gun without paying any attention to the squad based gameplay

LOGICWINS2882d ago

Limewax hit it on the nail pretty well. I know SOME people who are good at both. But I think the majority of COD players who play Battlefield don't really understand the dynamics of a squad.

NoobJobz2882d ago

What are you disagreeing with? I never said CoD people shouldn't stick with CoD.

Said b3 will be better gameplay wise and cod will sell more.

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ATiElite2882d ago

I want BF3 to sell very well but I don't want all the N0obs flooding the BF3 servers. If your a CORE gamer get on board but all the casuals should just stick to COD.

BF is all about teamwork, strategy, and self sacrifice to win. Not going Rambo and talking trash like COD.

LunaticBrandon2882d ago

Doesn't matter. BF3 can be better than MW3 in every way and MW3 will still sell more than any other game this this year. Sad but true.

KillerPwned2882d ago

Battlefield 3 does blow call of duty out of the water. But that does not say it will turn cod players over to BF.

hoops2882d ago

"How Battlefield 3 will blow CoD out of the water..."

Just show up.....

Quality wise it already did. BFBC2 already did.
Sales wise COD will most likely outsell it.
Other than that, COD IMO is craptastic.

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