Radiant Historia Review - ZTGD

Frustrated Fury Writes: Imagine if you could change the future. What would you do differently? Would you warn yourself about certain events that have yet come to pass? Remember, there are always consequences to changing the past. You will need to balance and control this, and many more situations, in the new DS RPG Radiant Historia.

The story follows Stocke, a secret agent working for his kingdom’s government. He takes on missions that help protect his country, gathering information on the plots of rival countries. Stocke is almost killed on one of these missions and is visited by two young, mysterious people claiming to be time travelers. He obtains the Historia, a magical book that allows Stocke to travel through time to relive key moments in his life and change his decisions. Stocke is the only one that has conscious memories of future events and it’s up to the player to make the decisions.

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