Rift dev on WoW's "level 15 syndrome"

Trion Worlds designer Will Cook has been explaining to BeefJack about how Rift attempts to avoid World of Warcraft’s “level 15 syndrome”.

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undercovrr2785d ago

This argument is no longer valid. WoW has really fast leveling now, and people can expect in a few hours to reach level 20, where most classes get interesting

maxcer2785d ago

wow fail at gaming much? if you can't make it from lv15 to lv20 you might want to hang up that mouse and focus on popcap games or something.

DeeBee2785d ago

I have to agree with you two, if you can't hit level 15 (or 20) in WoW within a couple of hours then you seriously fail at gaming. Not to mention that with Cata all the early content got revamped and each zones quests are strung together so you no longer feel you're picking up random generic quests any more, you feel like you're following through a storyline (which you are LOL).

I hit the "Level 15 Syndrome" when I hit level 58 and went to Outlands LOL

bwazy2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Uhh, I can get to lvl 20 in like... 2-3 hours...

Edit: This has been said above... MY BAD!