Killzone 3: Steel Rain DLC, Brand new footage of Stahl Arms (Mp-10)

Brand-new footage of the second 'Steel Rain' DLC map Guerilla Games are currently working on, MP-10 Stahl Arms.

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Blaster_Master2791d ago

No new Operations map = No buy

ZombieAssassin2791d ago

I think GG said they have no plans for anymore operations maps.

captain-obvious2791d ago

the games just came out and they are already talking about DLC's ???

this is not god
i dont care what you think
but GG just got a -1 from me

Focker4202791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

I would much rather they announce maps sooner rather than later, that way I know what I can look forward to.

theonlylolking2791d ago


Obviously it is not God. A DLC or game cannot be God.

thief2791d ago

agree with you, DLC this earlt should not be allowed.

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FAGOL2791d ago

Me wants operations DLC. But this map looks good as well. Btw is this the only map in the upcoming DLC?

Blaster_Master2791d ago

Oh hell yeah. im not saying this looks bad by any means. KZ3 is my favorite FPS at this current time, and I play the crap out of it, but im just saying, Its enough that there were only 3 maps of operations to begin with. They gotta give us more, Im freakin addicted, also, Im already getting burned out on 3 playing the same 3 maps over and over again.

Focker4202791d ago

I completely agree, Operations is my fav. mode but it really sucks that theres only 3 maps for it.

FunAndGun2791d ago

There are two maps included in the Steel Rain DLC pack.

This one, and another that looks like a junkyard or something and it is raining.

Focker4202791d ago

Two maps and it'll be $5.

This one is warzone and the junkyard is guerilla warfare.

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Sikct9a2791d ago

Are you guys sure about not having any new operation maps? If that's the case, what a bummer.

DirtyLary2791d ago

How many maps in this new dlc?

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The story is too old to be commented.