Battlefield 3 'leapfrogs' FPS thanks to tech, EA "super proud"

DICE's Battlefield 3 has EA weak in the knees as they believe it will grab a huge chunk of the first-person shooter market back from rivals, particularly one.

The Frostbite 2 engine is "reinventing the category" says EA Games' Frank Gibeau. It can do things that "haven't been done before", outshining the competition.

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WiIIiam2791d ago

They should hurry up and show off the multiplayer. It's what Battlefield does best. EA and DICE would garner a lot more attention for this game if they showed the good stuff early instead of a single player video that looks like what a lot of other games have already done.

koehler832791d ago

Having the finest cocaine in the city isn't going to affect the local crack dealer's business one bit.

DenyTheFacts2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

One thing I didn't get.. Is this game gonna have a storyline? Or will it be just like Battlefield 2 when you had to capture a few places and basically play multiplayer with bots instead of people?

byeGollum2791d ago

yes it is, Judging from the gameplay trailer releases earlier

DenyTheFacts2791d ago

Thank you! I do hope that they will make a decent storyline while not taking the spotlight from the game's multiplayer

Blaster_Master2791d ago

I dont get it. What does it do that FPS's aren't doing now?

WhiteNoise2791d ago

It takes hype to new levels of B.S

Not a first time for that same feat, but it raises the bar nonetheless.

They said all the same things about BFBC2. Cookie cutter military shooter is generic.

You basically WERE team America in BFBC2. Sooooo cheesy, sooooooo linear.

One deathamtch type MP is the same as the next.

I don't even know why people buy them anymore, there is no innovation whatsoever.

evrfighter2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

battlefield is battlefield. There's never been a focus on singleplayer. Or even a campaign. Name one game that has air, land, and sea warfare with full on destructible environments with the battlefield standard of 64 players.

bad company 2 is definitely not battlefield if you've played 1942, or bf2 you know what I mean.

warhawk and mag tried to be like battlefield but only Battlefield is Battlefield.

guigsy2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

I guess it's trying to create an authentic warzone in order to really make you feel like a modern day soldier in battle. COD tried it but they ended up going too Hollywood to be authentic, not that there's anything wrong with that.

DeadlyFire2791d ago

Full scale destruction?

Advanced Graphics system. Which is what all aim for, but this seems to have hit its mark.

No FPS has Jets, Tanks, ATVs, Chopters all in the same game on multiplayer. Only Battlefield. One or two might attempt it, but never perfect it in this way.

More intensity to the gameplay. A side effect of worrying about what will happen to the building you are in. :P

I don't give a crap at all about Battlefield's story or SP mode.

LunaticBrandon2791d ago

The graphics, the destruction, the sound and the large scale combat with vehicles. If DICE gets everything right this will be the most impressive FPS to date.

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holdmyown832791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

good question..ima a noob at FPS my first being Halo Reach which was the only reason i bought an xbox so i know i missed out on alot of FPS battlefield 2 was one of them but..doesn't really seem different any to me then the rest of them IMO

tdrules2791d ago

well it came out 7 years ago, it was revolutionary then and certainly still has features that no other game has now.
MAG attempted to steal features from it but everyone knows how bad that turned out

ExPresident2791d ago

About as bad as your troll attempt. MAG was an awesome game and considering Zipper just put out another update it for it is great as well.

tdrules2791d ago

I so wish I was trolling.
I beta tested that game for FOUR months.
the potential in that game was incredible

ivant2791d ago

Troll on

MAG stole nothing from Battlefield -- different type of shooters.....and MAG as well as Bad
Comp 2 are easily better online games than MW2.

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