Beyond Good and Evil HD now available on Live

Microsoft’s now added Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil HD to its House Party line-up. The title, now available on Xbox Live Arcade, will set you back 800 MS points and comes in at a hefty 1.68Gb. Buy it, play as Jade with her pig friend Pey’j, love it and then demand for the whereabouts of Beyond Good and Evil 2. It’s all good.

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Yi-Long2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

... Only playable with dutch voices and text! No option to change it to the original language!

What a fucking idiots!

Many gamers in Holland now extremely pissed of at this ridiculous decision, and I sure as hell am one of them.

Thank gawd I only downloaded the trial (immediately deleted it).

Such a shame, cause I've been looking forward to this release for many many months!

Incompetent Ubisoft bastards!!!

Yi-Long2786d ago changing 'locale' from 'Nederland' (Holland) to 'United Kingdom' in your console settings.

Ofcourse it's still completely ridiculous that you can't just change your language settings and such via the in-game menu, but have to go into your system-settings to fix it, but at least it's an option for those who absolutely don't want to play this in the local dub.

Also, I doubt many people who will give the trial a try, and turn it off because of the dubbing, will even go through the trouble of finding a solution to the problem.

Instead they'll just go 'fuck', and delete it.

Why, in 2011, this isn't just an option in the in-game menu, is beyond me.

As well as unskippable cutscenes btw.